Conductor required for West Calder Brass Band, West Lothian, Scotland

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by WestCalderBrass, May 8, 2012.

  1. WestCalderBrass

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    Good morning everyone,

    West Calder Brass Band is going through a period of transition and is currently without a conductor/MD. We are a non-contesting band, with only 2 commitments for public playing per year. We are a very friendly band who enjoy getting together once a week on a Tuesday evening to play and have a nice 2 hour rehearsal.

    It is becoming increasing difficult without a conductor, so we are increasing our efforts to find one!!

    Once a week for 2 hours, friendly bunch of people. Will discuss fees.

    Please check out our Facebook page for more information:

    Thanks for your time.

    Louise Tucker
    West Calder Brass Band
  2. WestCalderBrass

    WestCalderBrass New Member

    Conductor found.

    A conductor has now been found. Thank you for the interest shown.
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