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    hi everyone, im currently in my 3rd year of my band studies degree course at accrington and rossendale college and im really enjoying the conducting at the moment but i can't seem to be able to do any practice coz theres no band with vacancies that don't clash with the rehersals that my band plays on which is mondays and wednesdays.

    my 2 ideal free days are thrusdays and fridays although i sometimes need them if my band require extra rehersals for up and coming contests or concerts etc. if theres any band out there within about 20 miles of hebden bridge that could offer me any conducting time on either a thursday or a friday it would be a great help for my preperation for my assesment this summer and for next summer aswell which will be my final year in my course so i have to be on top form for that.

    im currently conducting philip sparkes partita for this yrs assesment and that is a 1st/champ band standard piece but if any band could offer me the chance just to be able to stand in front of a band and direct them for any pieces it would be a nice opportunity for me and perhaps yourselves aswell to have someone different in front of you to give a different approach to certain pieces(i hope that doesnt sound bad).

    anyway if you can help me here then please contact me using any of the following information given below, thank you for reading this long message and i look forward to hearing from you, cheers :D

    you can email me at
    phone me on 07834 559409 or 01422 845203 (ask for clive morris(thats me, lol)
    or reply to this thread or PM me on here.

    thanks again! :)
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