Condolences Thread for Jack Powell (Severn Tunnel Band)...

Discussion in 'Obituaries - Unregistered visitors can post here' started by TheMusicMan, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. TheMusicMan

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    Condolences thread for Jack Powell of Sever Tunnel Band. Guests, non-registered members and visitors to tMP can post in here.
  2. MAW

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    Jack will be missed by very many people. Severn Tunnel Band will never be the same again. He was a great inspiration to many, the young and the not so young alike. He taught many youngsters to play and I wouldn't be playing today if it wasn't for Jack encouraging me to learn at the tender of of 50+ and putting up with me in amongst the kids in his beginners classes. God Bless you Jack.
    To Jane, James, Tor and the rest of the family we are thinking of you.
    Marjorie, Doug, Susanne and Robin Williams.
  3. Rebel Tuba

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    Here there and everywhere
    I met Jack on a couple of occassions, usually in the bar area at Pontins. he always spoke and made me feel welcome to join in his conversations and stories, although he didn't know me from Adam.

    My thoughts go to his family and to his friends at Severn Tunnel Band.

    I know he will be sadly missed and will be in the minds and thoughts of anyone who was ever lucky enough to meet him.

    R.I.P - David
  4. jim

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    Comming from the Caldicot area and involved greatly in brass bands you realise very quickly how such a special person Jack was In only the few times Iv met jack wilst going for a listen or helping out Seven Tunnel you soon relise how such a special person he is, always intrested in other people encouraging the youngsters to greater heights.
    Everyone in the area will now 'Jack the band' out carol playing in the community at christmas and his customery two pints of stelle he would enjoy at contests!
    The respect he had of the youngest to the oldest in the band was amazing, very often in recent years you would see the younger members of the band carring his Eb bass on stage for him, it was said once his registration card was like a Bible for all the contests he had stamped in it.
    All the best to all friends and others associated with the band and Jack.
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