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    I have noted that many of the parks around the country are recieving lottery grants to restore these public places to their former glory, and in many of these parks the centre peice is a lovingly restored or new bandstand. This should present playing opportunities for bands to present an outdoor concert, playing good music to an attentive public, rather than just playing anything at some fete, where no one is really interested, in addition the frustration of being stressed through bad time keeping and poor oganisation by your hosts.

    Since most of the parks are council owned, there is budget for arts activities, and you know you will get paid a reasonable amount for playing, thus making it worthwhile. Generally to get these jobs, all it needs is a letter to the appropriate local council department.

    We also do our annual concert, but does anyone know of any other avenues for good playing jobs other than the dreaded fete and carnival.
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    I'm at odds to believe these bandstands are being restored for concert use. I've seen quite a few brought back to their former glory in the last decade or so and never heard of bands actually getting to use some of them. Could the Heritage Trust be getting money to retain iconic and architectural value of these buildings? Historically, they are significant.
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    do peopple who go to the park for a picnic/kick around with a football/frisbee count as attentive public?
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    whenever Rogerstone Brass Band has a park job when we are playing in a bandstand or under a gazebo we always have an audience sitting down watching us on chairs or deckchairs. Many parks in the gwent area always have a band playing and there is always an audience about. As long as the park is nice and its advertised people will turn up. Well that my experience anyhow!
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    whenever we do a park job in a bandstand we usually have a good audience but with a couple of exceptions the money isn't usually that good
  6. Harrogate and Knaresborough always have bands playing in the parks around that area, although in Harrogate you did get to play in a bandstand, but in Knaresborough you got a few seats and a council official (always walked with a limp) telling you where to play!!!
    We always got a good crowd though, people bowling up with deckchairs and stuff

    Andy, remember the old days, when a loaf cost thrupence h'apenny
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    Unfortunately our bandstand in Southend had to be taken down following subsidence affecting the cliffs, and they've not yet decided what to do with it. It is a pity, because it was always very well attended, and the bands took their turn amongst light orchestral concerts etc. As there was a tea-room there as well it made for a very pleasant Sunday afternoon. They have had a couple of Sunday concerts outside the Cliffs Pavilion theatre, but I'm not sure who has organised those.

    In the past, they have also had bands playing at the (sea) end of the pier, the problem there being one of logistics, with everything having to be carted out on the pier train which only runs every half hour on Sundays :mad:
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    In my local town, the council have a bandstand in the local park. Through the summer months they try and have a brass band playing every Sunday. Unfortunately, due to the small fee offered, they sometimes have to do without. They would not pay anywhere near the fee we would expect for a 2hr concert, which is not unreasonable by any standards. In my book, you get what you pay for. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. If not, then you either have to do without or pay for less quality. No offence intended to any band.
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    Heywood the small town I live they have just completely renovated the park. The bandstand as been used for a few years purely for band concerts, it's usually the 2 same bands which play.. The park committee have this year introduced a few more bands to play in the park which is great I think.

    Yvonne x
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    I'm just about to head on down to Bournemouth for the annual week of playing at the Pinewalk Band stand in the Winter gardens.

    Bournemouth Concert Brass have been doing this series of concerts for years. I have been helping them out with them for the past few years and it is generally very well attended.

    The location of the bandstand means that you get a lot of passers by on their way from the beach to the town or vise versa.

    It is a really enjoyable week, especially with the various socials in the evenings and long may it continue.
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    I have many happy memories of the Pine Walk bandsatnd, both as an audience member and as a player. My father's family are from the Bournemouth area, and we would often go down there for family holidays. I used to particularly like standing behind the bandstand, looking down from the path - they also had provision to move the performance indoors if the weather was bad.

    When with the Coldstream we did a week in Bournemouth followed by a week in Howard Davies Park in Jersey - stayed with my Gran, so no accommodation charges in Bournemenouth, & then we landed on the wettest week of the summer in Jersey, so several cancelled performances and plenty of chance to see the sights ;)
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    Well I'm pleased to say Victoria Park bandstand in Widnes is about to be re-opened after its rebuild. I know it is to be used for Brass Band concerts as my brother works for Halton Borough Council in charge of all their parks. They have also built a new cafe next to it with EU funding, it looks really nice. They might get a concert in this year.
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    Try English Heritage and National Trust properties - a lot of these have regular brass band concerts during the summer months. The fees are usual good to adequate for most bands. I regret I can't recommend the most popular of these venues as their fees are rubbish.

    We've also arranged to play in some big city centres in the past and collected a fair amount though you need good weather, exciting music and a big crowd for that to pay off.

    Masons Halls and private clubs are also good venues.
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    Bandstands? Played at a cracking one in Hunstanton.Red hot day,ice creams everywhere.Beautiful blue sky.Blue sea with yachts full mast in the background.The odd compulsory peg on the back of players shirts.Only thing missing was the "attentive" crowd.And a pub.That's the other problem with Park bandstands.No pub.