Concerto De Aranjuez

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bestsection, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. bestsection

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    Does anyone know if a piano accompniament is available for this solo, my daughtrer wants to play it at a school music festival?
  2. bestsection

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    Sorry for the typo's!
  3. Anno Draconis

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    Almost certainly not. I assume you mean the famous "Orange Juice" version for flugel? If so it was done without the composer's permission and all the copies of the manuscript arrangement that are lurking in band libraries (including mine, and every band I've ever been in!) are illegal, so I very much doubt that there's a piano accompaniment available.

    Not that I'm recommending this, you understand, because it wouldn't be legal, but the only way to get one would be for someone to make a playable piano reduction of the band score. The school may well have something to say about that, though...
  4. classicbrass

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    I recall a couple of years ago, listening to a (very good) local Flugelhorn player at an Oldham Music Centre showcase event play this ( her party piece - described by the Guardian music critic as the best he'd ever heard).
    She was accompanied ,on piano, by a member of RNCM staff.
  5. trumpetmike

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    If you have a pianist who can play well by ear, they could always transcribe the chords and basic structure of the arrangement.
    It might solve a problem.
  6. Andrew Norman

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    There is a fake book version of "Aranjuez Mon Amour" available to purchase as a download here it might be of use.
    This is the vocal/jazz version of the famous theme.

    Using the trumpet icon you can transpose the copy - therefore you can buy a concert part and a Bb part and be legal.
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  7. katieeuph

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    That's how I did it for a kid once who wanted to play it in a GCSE exam - not sure if I was supposed to copyright-wise or anything (but I didn't write anything down)?

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