Concertino for Tenor Horn (Gareth Wood)

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    Can anyone help me out with this one, please.

    I had a phone call earlier today from an anxious parent whose child is performing the Concertino for Tenor Horn by Gareth Wood for an exam.
    An essay is required to be written but it is stipulated that two different recordings of the work need to be referred to.
    I think Sandy Smith may have recorded this on a Black Dyke LP about 15 years ago but any more information about other recordings and the piece itself would be gratefully received.

    I understand that the original was dedicated to Robert Watson (no, not 'The Voice') and was published by R.Smith & Co. A shorter version exists which is used as an exam piece by the Associated Board.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    This thread refers to a recording by Parc and Dare:

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    The Black Dyke recording referred to is on the Chandos cd "Concerto":

    Although Midland cd Club site shows it at its original price, all the Chandos brass series can usually be obtained for about £5, either from local suppliers or from Chandos Direct.

    I'll check on the sleeve notes for any useful background information tonight.
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    Thanks Peter.
    This is the same recording that I have on LP.
    I've checked the Chandos site and they have it for £4.99. RESULT!

    Many thanks
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    I did the same thing for my AS level (or A level.. 1 of the 2)..
    I used Sandy's recording with dyke and the original performance by Watson which is shocking by todays standards and quite comedic at times :D
    Got the Parc and Dare recording on a tape from Sandy, i presume he copied it from the LP.. makes for a good comparison.
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    Sleeve notes on the Dyke recording are by Peter Parkes (1989)

    Concertino For Tenor Horn - Gareth Wood

    "The middle sound belongs to the horns and baritones but they don't often get the chance to steal the limelight from the flashy cornets and trombones. This little work will perhaps help to put that right. Written in one continuous movement, the middle section features an extended passage in free time accompanied by percussion. There is also a marvellous Threepenny Opera tune which makes a happy ending for this recording."
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    I'm grateful to you all for the information provided, many thanks.
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    probably entirely wrong...did Sandy not also play it on the faireys double champions cd from 93?as i say i cant really remember...
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    ok i was entirely wrong i do apologise!
    he played variations on a welsh theme!
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    Urrgh!! Welsh Theme!! Should be in that room 101 thread!!

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