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    As part of this year's Killamarsh Summer Cultural Festival, which is themed as "100 years of Film", we are including "A Night at the Movies" concert. We had hoped to include some extracts from film DVD's to accompany the music we are playing and or stills photographs etc. During the same period the hall will also be used to stage full film presentations in conjunction with a local film project which lets local people borrow projection equipment for the showing of films.

    There have been reports of various similar concerts on here and 4barsrest over the last year and I would be interested to hear from anyone with information on them.

    Initially there will presumably be an issue of use of "copyright" material and also "licence" for the premises in which we perform - we are doing the concert in our local Village Hall type venue. Obviously we are not charging people to watch a film simply giving a usual concert performance with the addition of visual aids. We had hoped to maybe copy the films/stills on to a computer which would then be used to project the pictures (perhaps using Power Point or similar)

    Thanks for any comments.
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    Unfortunately, the fact that you're not charging for the audience to view is irrelevant to your question. The fololowing is an extract from the British Film Institute website (

    Similarly, to exhibit copyright photographs you will have to obtain permission from the copyright holders to both copy and exhibit.

    The usual licence for a venue such as the one you're proposing is for Music (or Music and Dance) and so you wouldn't be covered by that either - I guess the best thing to do here is ring your local Council, as licences can be granted for one off performances but I have no idea as to the cost implications I'm afraid. (although having just reread your post the hall may have a temporary licence in place which could cover you :) )
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    Just as an addition, explicit permission must be given to store and reproduce the part or whole of any DVD / video on any medium other than on which it was supplied (which obviously includes computers).
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    The Sussex Symphony Orchestra are doing exactly this soon in Brighton. I will find out how we got the various permissions when I get home (currently out of the country)
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    We did one of these last autumn, and the powerpoint show was mainly comprised of publicity photographs from the films culled from the web (many had appropriate sourceing info in one of the corners).

    The biggest challenge was getting something for "1941" - which was Spielburg's one flop, but which is in the John Williams selection we did. All I could find was a poster...

    I opted for a manual "start the piece" click as we played the first note, and then the rest of the timings were automatic from careful work on rehearsal recordings. Between the pieces, I opted for a simple projection of the band's badge.

    Have fun...


    Edit: Slight clarification. We had someone who clicked at the start of each piece. Then I had fixed timings between the various pictures that were shown during the piece, before the display then ended up (and held) the band logo waiting for another click to start the next piece.
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    Manual sync with stills is definitely the easiest way to go from the technical point of view. Beyond that, you're into timecode and click tracks (or being lucky) trying to sync to video - it's certainly not impossible, but isn't easy to do on a one off basis.

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