Concert - Steve Sykes & BBSBB 30/04/2006, Barnsley

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    Barnsley Building Society Band will celebrate their 100th anniversary with the help of Steve Sykes at a concert on Sunday 30th April 2006 at the Academy Theatre, Birdwell, Barnsley

    Barnsley Building Society Band will launch their Centenary celebrations with a concert at The Academy Theatre, Birdwell featuring Eb tuba virtuoso Steve Sykes.

    Steve, a former Musical Director of the band, will perform items from his broad repertoire that have established him as a true favourite with audiences around the world. Steve's time with the band was highly successful so he is just the man to get the celebrations rolling. Tickets priced at £5 for the concert can be obtained by contacting any BBSBB player or by ringing the Academy Theatre 01226 744442.

    Items to be featured by Steve will include He Wipes The Tear From Every Eye, Bass In The Ballroom, Czardas, Feelings, 12St Rag and Darrol Barry's Impromtu for Tuba.
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    Would love to be there, but alas, I have to play in a concert in Scumderland on Sunday night :(

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