Concert program from 1982 - Enfield Citadel Band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by mehans, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Stavanger, Norway
    Can anyone help me with the content of the pre contest concert in London October 1982 with Enfield Citadel Band?

    I came to London this year as young cornet player to take part in the European Contest in Albert Hall on the Sunday after the British Nationals with Stavanger Brass Band, and this was the first time we heard all the great bands live.

    The whole weekend was a real eye-opener for us newcomers to the brass band world, and the concert with Enfield was for me (and for a many more in the band) the highlight of it all.

    I still play their record bought in the concert, the one made to the Australian visit in 1980, regularly.

    I remember they played Toccata – O’ The blessed Lord (Heaton) that night, a piece of music that made a real impact! There were as well brilliant performances by the bands soloists like Peter Wise, witch I think performed Euphony (Redhead). A great evening and a great inspiration!

    Can anyone help me with the full program for the concert?
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