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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by rikster, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. rikster

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    I went to see the Fairey band at the Hawth, Crawley today, and enjoyed some top class playing, The soloists were in fine form and the audience were very appreciative of the bands musicianship and talent, I wonder though, when the band is called to stand by the MD and turn to face the audience, nobody in the band smiles, very serious and sombre stuff.
    I try to play myself, Flugel, and if only from relief at getting throught the piece relatively unscathed always feel ready to smile at the people who have payed good money to see us. Am I alone in wanting to see fellow musicians look as though they have enjoyed entertaining the audience? Are our top class Band people so under stress, pressure or fear that they may err or make mistake, that they cant present themselves as at least looking that they have enjoyed giving a performance.
    I have to add that the vast majority of the bands who come to the Hawth seem to have the same outlook, For £10=75p a ticket the concert was great, I'd willingly pay more for some smiles.:) :D
  2. Vickitorious

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    I always smile! I can't stop myself. :biggrin:

    I always think when a band doesn't smile, it really looks like they're not enjoying themselves. It's much nicer to be clapping a bunch of people who look like they're enjoying themselves on stage.

    I quote last night "You looked like you were having so much fun when you were up there playing. You were a pleasure to watch"

    Thats what someone came and said to me and my friend after we did a concert with our school orchestra last night. Think it sums it all up really.

    SMILE PEOPLE! :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. stephenmrry

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    Im the same as principal cornet on the edge feel obliged to smile u know cause if ur smiling the crowd will smile back i feel that if a band looks like they are enjoying then the audience will as well
  4. needmorevodka

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    I always smile, but I have sometimes found myself to be the only one doing so. On one occasion I was grinning away and spotted the player opposite me looking horrified, like I'd gone quite mad or something!! I was cross about that because it was a lovely informal concert and the crowd were enjoying themselves so much.

    For me it's not about feeling obliged to smile, it's because I genuinely enjoy the feeling that we're entertaining people. Even at the more "serious" concerts where there's less of a party atmosphere I still feel that you can tell when people are liking what you're doing and I can't help smiling.
  5. WoodenFlugel

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    Our band president is always on at us to look more like we're enjoying ourselves at concerts. He is right, of course, but I simply can't help it that if I'm not playing well then I'm not happy, and that shows my my facial expression. In that case, for me I need all my concentration to get out of the rut of playing badly, and I'd rather sort it out while looking a bit miserable, than grin inanely at all and sundry while continuing to split and splash my way through the concert.

    That said, you should always smile when you stand up at the end of a concert or solo, no matter how badly you think you muffed up playing it. :)
  6. Being the mr positive I am I am always smiling... although I do find it hard sometimes when we've played some piece of tat.. i.e Jingle bells... isn't that right vickitorious?

    I'm so glad I don't moan and aren't miserable phew.;)
  7. rikster

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    Thanks for your coments everybody, It is refreshing to know that at least we in the main agree,
    I am not shouting that we have to grin like muppets, but at least present ourselves to the paying audience as folks who are enjoying their hobby and do have a sense of humour, after all if you cant take a joke you shouldn't have joined.
    I know its still early on but ******MERRY CHRISTMAS*******
  8. MaxPressure

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    If for no other reason follow the advice of my signature.........
  9. Vickitorious

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    I think you might have even pulled a little grin in that Mr Positive!

    How can you not smile in Jingle bells?? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. WoodenFlugel

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    Oh trust me, Steve is well capable of not smiling in Jingle Bells. I might be wrong, but I put it down to his premature hair loss... ;)
  11. rikster

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    I think if "Steve" were to hear me playing jingle bells not only would he smile he would laugh his head off, apologies steve as I havent met you, but what the heck..