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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bassendworld, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Hi Folks

    Having a clear out of the library to make way for a massive new training project we have just started, so if you fancy any of the following titles at the price shown just drop me a PM here and we can sort something out for you.
    Varying degrees of quality but all are complete sets and the price reflects this.

    Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber P Graham £8.00
    Bowburn March R Farr £6.00
    A Gaelic Fantasy C Paownell £8.00
    Goodbye to Love R Farr £6.00
    Dream Angus S Smith £6.00
    Disney Fantasy £8.00
    Song for Ina £6.00
    Nottingham G Richards £6.00
    Nightingale Sand in B.S. £6.00
    Stargazer K Ackford £6.00
    Hawaii 5 0 P Harper £8.00
    Gabriels Oboe £6.00
    Miller Magic £8.00
    Triumph March £6.00
    Toreadors Song (Trom Solo) £8.00
    Luck Be A Lady S Smith £10.00 (Unused)
    Lazy Days of Summer R Thorne £6.00
    I Would Give My Life for you M Hackett £6.00
    Salsa Tres Predo P Harper £10.00

    Next stage is the real old stuff!!!


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    How much for the whole lot? exept Hawaii 5-0 & Gabriels Oboe?

    Kind regards,
    Tim Messerschmidt

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