concert in Ghent/Flanders

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    1. Agincourt Song Arr. Howarth
    2. Volharden by Victor Legley
    3. Global Reunion, Worldmusic for Brass by Paul Voet
    (1st worldperformance)

    1. Der Yid (up tempo klezmer, several soloists)
    2. Far Eastern dream (solo cornet, euphonium, eb tuba, percussion)
    3. Counterdances from the low lands (solo cornet)
    4. Balkan gypsies (all cornets)
    5. The goodbye (solo flugelhorn, tenorhorn, & marimba)
    6. Tjanne (euphonium(s) solo)
    7. ENCORE; Sambastorm (theme: Coconut Champagne/Eb tuba solo)

    This is our program of our concert toghether with Metropole BB (nr. 3 in Belgium)
    one of the items they play is St. Magnus (K. Downie)

    location: Ghent, Conservatory, march 24 2005 ot 20.15h.

    maybe worthwile to visit the town as well.
    be welcome!!!:p :p :p :p :p
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