Concert for Children in Need, 14th Nov, Cranbrook, Kent

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  1. Bungle

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    East Sussex
    Cranbrook Town Band will once again be raising brass for Pudsey in what has become the highlight of the band's year, at the excellent Queens hall. There will also be performances by the talented Hawkhurst primary school pupils. Tickets are £7 and £3.50, available on the door at at Phillips Man's shop in Cranbrook.

    The concert starts at 7:45pm at the Queens Hall, located in Cranbrook school, Waterloo road, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 3JD.

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  2. Bungle

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    East Sussex
    proposed program

    Just over a week to go folks. Here is the proposed program:-

    Horizons by Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    The Wind Beneath My Wings by L. Henley & J Silbar
    arranged by Darrol Barry

    Concert Etude by Goedicke arranged by William Broughton
    Cornet Soloist: Vicky Mace

    Mongolian Folk Tune
    Durvun Tsagiin Tal – Four Seasons of the Steppe
    arranged by Judith Hayes

    America / Love on the Rocks by Neil Diamond and Gilbert Becaud arranged by Philip Sparke
    Cornet Soloist: Richard Warren

    Meet the Flintsones by Hanna, Barbera & Curtin
    arranged by Goff Richards

    Sunset / Evening Hymn by AC Green

    Und Ein Bier by Pol Stone and Dave Baker arranged by Colin Batt
    Trombone Soloist: Colin Batt

    Let There Be Praise
    By Dick & Melody Tunney arranged by Barrie Gott

    Dream Catchers by Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    The Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar arranged by Alan Fernie

    Rhapsody for Euphonium by James Curnow
    Euphonium Soloist: David Newsom

    Saying Goodbye by Philip Sparke

    An Untold Story by Paul Lovatt-Cooper
    Tenor Horn Soloist: Alan Smithers

    Let’s Face the Music and Dance by Irving Berlin arranged by Goff Richards

    Swingtime Religion by Barrie Gott
    Soprano Cornet Feature: Bob Turner
  3. ScaryFlugel

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    Rugby, Warwickshire
    You played it! :D hope you (and the paying public!) enjoyed it :)
  4. Bungle

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    East Sussex
    Yes we enjoyed playing it and it was well received. You've got your summer school friend Ian Lanceley to thank for us playing it.

    It is sometimes suprising how much a concert audience will enjoy listening to something different, but not too avant-garde. We played Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen's 'The Viking Church' one year which many of the audience said was the best piece of the concert.
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