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  1. Does anyone know how much Championship Section bands charge to perform at a concert?
  2. Darth_Tuba

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    Championship section covers a wide variety of bands... are you talking bands such as Grimethorpe, Dyke etc or just bands who are in the top section?
  3. Not the top bands but the rest.
  4. Naomi McFadyen

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    it really just depends on the band.... best thing to do is to ask them ;-)
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    Without naming names we were quoted £8000 by one top band although that did include accomodation and travel, whilst another top band only wanted £2000 for the job but travel and accomodation were extra. To give an idea of the quality of bands I'm talking about both regularly win their areas and compete at the Nationals and the Open. I would expect a figure in the thousands to be representative of the top bands.
  6. concert charges.

    due to the success of the band I play for, we suddenly find ourselves in the championship section next year. It wasn't long ago we were in the third section and obviously there is a big difference not only in the standard but also in the expenses we incur and the response to the minimal increase our fees has been varied.

    Just wanted some idea on what other bands would charge.
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    The fee your band can charge to a concert promoter depends on several things and the standard of the band doesn't play a huge part in my experience. That is unless you are in the top 20-30 in the rankings, and even then, it makes a big difference if you have a famous name/history.

    So an average championship section band will probably still take concerts or park gigs for £200-400 and those ranked 5-25 will probably want a minimum of more like £500. But it does varies wild - my band certainly does the odd freebie if it is good publicity, and then there are some well known concert series around the country which we pile into a coach for, that we get more like £2000 for. But then you have a pro conductor, a coach and probably a pro principal cornet or soloist or you wouldn't be getting the gig.

    It's a lot of work, but self-promoting concerts is something every band should do. If you can build up a name for yourselves in the area with regular news pieces, get a reputation for giving really enjoyable shows, build up a sizable mailing list etc then there's no reason why you can't get 200 bums on £10 seats a couple of times a year, even if you are a fourth section band. There is no secret to the game.
  8. i think grimey cost about £4000 but i could be wrong. Our band asked them once. Hope that is some use.

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