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  1. i know this is a brass forum and any mention of concert bands is forbidden , lol

    but ... does anyone know of a concert band arrangement of old faithful 'The final countdown'

    I remember playin a darrol barry arrangement (brass) at tyldesley , and know he does loads of wind band stuff , and p.sparke does loads of wind band ,

    sooo anyone .....
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    The Final Countdown is available for Concert Band from Bernaerts Music (arr. Frank Bernaerts).
    There is also a version in the Hal Leonard Discovery Series, but this is a VERY easy version (All low brass and woodwind are in unison!!).
    Hope this helps,

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    There's a wind arrangement on this cd by the Royal Marines, but the listing doesn't say who has done it, or whether it is generally available:

    It may be worth getting in touch with the Royal Marines Band Service and asking them.

    Edit: Apparently it is arr Cole, which makes me think it may just be an in-house one.
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  4. very easy sounds very good , school band are (let me think of a nice way of putting it) not very talented should i say , theres like 3-5 of us who are bttr thn grade 3
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    Indeed, we recorded that arangement in 1991 on our CD :oops: albeit the fanfare band version of the arrangement (so with flugels instead of clarinets). Frank Bernaerts always makes brass band, fanfare band and wind band versions of all of his arrangements...

    (I was ony 12 years old at the time of the recording, so I didn't know yet how wrong Bernaerts arrangements are ;) )