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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by mjwarman, May 21, 2007.

  1. mjwarman

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    I decided it would be a good idea to do some maintanence on my computer yesterday. Well it turns out it wasn't such a good idea as I seem to have deleted something that it needs!!

    When starting the computer up it loads up and then starts windows installer and tries to install something called "AiOSoftwareNPI". It then asks for the disk with "AiOSoftwareNPI.msi" on it. I don't know what this is/was and after hitting cancel a few times it went away and I could use the computer fine.

    Is there any way that I can stop this doing this, or does anyone have any idea what this is? I've had some trouble in the past with stuff like this, and it has normally been mobile phone software, but i've used the uninstaller on that a few months ago, so know it isn't that this time!

    Any help would be massively appreciated as I do hate an untidy computer, and if anyone needs any further info just let me know and i'll do my best to provide answers.
  2. DaveR

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    I think this is something to do with your printer. "AiO" is All-in-One I think. Do you have a HP printer? If so, try reinstalling the print driver (download one from the HP website if necessary).
  3. MRSH

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    "AiOSoftwareNPI" has something to do with Hewlett Packard. Do you have a HP printer or any other HP product/software installed. If so, try re-installing it and see if that helps.

    Edit: DaveR beat me to it

  4. DaveR

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    Sorry! :oops:
  5. MRSH

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    Blimey - don't apologise Dave - at least we were both thinking along the same lines ;):tup
  6. mjwarman

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    I do have a Hewlett Packard all in one printer!!!

    I'll sort that when I get home, thank you very much!!! :clap: