Comprehensive Contest List 2009/2010

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  1. Columbo

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    Having spent so long at Championship level as a player, I am wondering:

    Does anyone have a COMPREHENSIVE list of contests for 2009/2010 as I've looked on 4BR and I am convinced there are some missing. I am interested to know also what contests are available at our level annually such as St Helens, Wilkinsons etc. as I want to plan ahead for next year. When does the contest season run from and to.
  2. Scottw

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    ibew seems to be list most contests....along with lots of other stuff.... under the events/brass band events diary.
  3. Simon Preshom

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    I am wondering what relevance this has to your query?

    Good suggestion Scottw though
  4. brasscrest

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    By glancing at his signature, I'd say that the significance is that he is now a Musical Director (vice a player) of an non-Championship section (vice Championship section) band.

    Therefore explaining why he may not be aware of all of the contest opportunities for his current band.

    IBEW is an excellent suggestion.
  5. Columbo

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    I understand that may have looked somewhat egotisitical. It wasn't meant to be. Brass Crest is spot on the nail. At Previous bands, We only entered or competed in National Contests and not many local ones during my time there. I hope that clears up your concerns Mr Preshom?
  6. DublinBass

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