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    Hi Im Matt and im doing GCSE music and on tusday i had got a day which is just compsing a piece of music! The examers have give it to be a piece of fantasy music and i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on composing and which instuments would be the best to use for this??? (you can use any instuments)

    Thanks Matt
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    I'm not sure I've understood how that works but then it's a few years since my GCSEs :rolleyes:

    If you only get a day to write a piece from scratch, write it for instruments that you know the range and transposition of. Now isn't a good time to experiment with alto clarinets and alphorns unless you're really confident. Also keep the scoring simple. From a time point of view I imagine you won't be able to score a work of any length for full symphony orchestra or even a brass band. Since you're obviously a bander I'd recommend a brass ensemble, maybe a standard band quartet of 2 cornets, horn and euph? Or if you're happy with orchestral brass, 2 trumpets, french horn, trom and tuba (in F).

    In terms of the actual notes you write I have no experience of this sort of exam and I don't know how they work or are assessed, so BEWARE MY ADVICE :eek: you might fail if you listen to the rubbish I spout. But, my opinion ONLY is that, like the instrumentation, you should stick to what you know. If you suddenly decide you're going to write a piece of Nymanesque minimalism or Total Serialism in the style of Boulez having never written like that before, I feel you'll hit trouble. I presume you've done a bit of composing already and know the sort of thing you like; go with that and you'll feel more confident. IMO if you are writing stuff you like for instruments you enjoy you'll have more fun doing it and that will come across in the music. For instance, I'd rather pop out an eye than write for a string quartet so I know anything I write for that combination is going to be, well, a bit cack - because I won't be enjoying it.

    If you get chance, try and PM Mike Lyons who I believe is a music teacher of long experience and has forgotten more about this stuff than I will ever know.

    Good Luck!
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    Hi Matt

    I can probably help you out, but I'm not sure I understood your message - it sounds as though you only had a day and I'm too late.

    If you want to hear some of my work, you can do so here:

    If this is the sort of music you'd like to write (quite a wide range there), then I'd be happy to give you some tips - provided it's not too late.

    Let me know, and I'll see what I can do if you'd like me to

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    Hi Matt, I'm sorry I missed this and couldn't be more help. However, I'm intrigued. Which GCSE board does this? I am really curious.
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    i am composing next tusday! and it is AQA i will try and send you what is says when i am next online!
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    This is what the exam borad has given me:

    compose music for the following scene from a fantasy film. It falls into five sections.

    0.00 - The adventures enter a forest. As they walk deeper into the forest, they here strange chanting sounds.

    0.40- Shafts of sunlight penetrate the overhead canopy but some areas are still very dark. The Adaventures gradually sence that they are being watched.

    1.10 - The chanting sounds continue. A sence of anticipation and excitement, rather that fear builds up

    1.40 - Many tall figures approach

    2.25 - The music - now a combination of instrumental sounds and chanting - reaches a climax but the adventurers overwhelming feelings are joy and security.

    2.50 - The End
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    Try planning a singlemotif idea to represent each section / character. This can then be developed by changing the voicings / chordings etc. Keep it simple to start with and then see where it takes you. If you use Sibelius, PM me a file and i can try to go over it with you. AQA will be looking for the ideas and simple development. Good luck!
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    im a using sibelius 4 but i have not got in at home at the moment i will send it to you when i am next in school!
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    Ah it's your integrated assignment. Some of my students have chosen this one- although I gave them their integrated assignment on the 1st of November. They should have been in school since then. There are guides on the assignment paper for what they are looking for but I don't understand why you have only been given a day to do it? You are allowed until May.

    I have given my students listening activities on music from the Lord of the Rings trilogies, Braveheart and other soundtracks like A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code to help them settle on themes and ideas. Really, your teacher should be guiding you through the process. The timings don't heve to be stuck to either.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the information Matt - I've PM'ed you with some suggestions

    Good luck