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  1. My son is only 15, but really enjoys composing (and to be fair is pretty decent at it). Are there any young composers comps out there? Does it have to be for full band or will ensembles be ok as at the mo he has only composed for perc ensemble and xylo/piano?
  2. The most important thing for any learning/inexperienced composer is to hear what you write. Only then can you learn from your mistakes (and no composer stops making those!!!), learn from the things you did right/are happy with, and move on.

    There are competitions for that age range, but the truth is that any competition for anything only gives you favour in the eyes of the judges. Another panel of judges may go for another work, but it doesn't make your composition any less valid.

    Simply put, composition is a tough little game, and more than anything you need a little faith in yourself - if you get that from compositions rather than yourself, you might not get too far.
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    What he ^ said - Peter is THE MAN. :clap:
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    Have a look at our Young Composers Competition. Too late to enter this year unfortunately, but it will definately be running again next year with more sections.
  5. Sorry, that should read competitions, not compositions...
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    Where do you live? Does he fancy writing something for Sellers Youth? We welcome new music and he'd get to hear it, we have several concerts this year. PM me if he's interested.

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    Try looking at the music site NUMU as they often run composers competitions. I use it in school all the time and they are currently running a fanfare competition. The BBC also run competitions for young composers, think there is one on the way now.