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  1. Mr_Chairman

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    Thinking particularly of original works, what trademarks define individual composers.

    For instance Gregson always makes a big thing of the interval of a fourth; Wilby quite often has unison cornets in a 'full range' fanfare-like passage.

    Are there any composers where each piece is completely fresh (possibly Gilbert Vinter?)
  2. Thirteen Ball

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    Philip Wilby's little fingerprint is often descending triplets or similar groups of three, the first of each three being slightly higher than the second of the preceding three and lower than the first. Particularly prominent in pagannini.

    Goff Richards often has back row cornets picking up the four semiquavers before the third beat of a bar.

    I don't know if it's a trademark or not, but in almost every Philip Sparke piece I've played, there's a moment somewhere that reminds me of Rodeo by Aaron Copeland... not that that's a bad thing. Quite the opposite :)

    I'm sure I have a fingerprint too, but I'll leave it to someone from co-op to point out what it is!!!
  3. DeeTee

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    Mine is definately a bass pedal going on at least once in each piece!!

    (from HBB, DeeTee's son...!)

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