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    Just Out! The Complete Comperes Notes Guide by John Maines.
    A 200,000 word paperback with 421 pages ideal for the presenter, conductor or simply for research. The book covers 640 composers and 150 popular pieces of music. Music of every genre is covered including Classical, Brass, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, etc.
    It has two forewards by Nicholas Childs and Elgar Howarth and covers composers from JS Bach to Bob Marley, Eric Ball to Neil Diamond, Roy Newsome to Stockhausen and Arthur Pryor to Goff Richards. You name them they are in there!
    Cost: 14.99 plus p+p. Enquiries to or very soon to be on
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    got mine ordered Mr. Maines!!
    Will give you my verdict at nybb in march!
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    I got this book bought for me from Bultins (trade stand I presume!) and it's brilliant as a referrence or even just a general read! I'd recommend it for any MD or compere