Complete Arban in Mp3 and more!

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    I am recording Trumpet Methods in Mp3 (for free!!!)

    Hello to everyone!

    I'm Tony from Milan, Italy.
    I'm a 7 months old comeback trumpet player that, now that I have a fulltime job (air traffic controller in the hardest TRACON in Europe), I can finally play the trumpet (after a 5 years stop).

    I always wanted to record all the trumpet methods I owned (MANY) because I never had a teacher and suffered VERY much for the lack of it! It's a lot harder when you don't know how you should sound like!
    Three months ago I decided to start this project and now I have recorded more that 700 exercises, to be more precise, the complete Kopprash and Gatti books, 70% of Arban (also the very difficult exercises and pieces at the end) and many others.

    I do it for free and to offer a nice (sometimes well played) model of how to play those exercises.
    In my plans I want to record more that 15 books (stamp, clarke and others are partly online), a lot of the baroque repertoire and some highnote stuff.

    I have quite a number of "followers" in Italy and US that surf my site daily and ask me to record their favorite exercises or pieces and that sometimes help me recording some of the exercises.
    My dream is to build an immense archive of played exercises where everyone can contribute buy sending their recordings and set up a forum tu discuss just this project (in Italy in a few weeks it will start!)

    I hope you like it!

    Here is the link!
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    Great idea - nice one.
  3. ratley

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    Why didn't anyone think of this before? - well done!!
  4. Really good site - I will go back and hear more another day. Very Impressed.
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    Hello again to everyone! Due to a "technical problem" my post was deleted, now it's back and I'm very happy to share it with you again!
    Thanks to all of you who appreciated my site, keep visiting it!
    Here's a few updates: I've surpassed 800 exercises in number, I've completed volume 1 of Gatti's method (more than 200 exercises and 12 duets with A and B parts played alone to let you play with me!).
    I'm about to release more than 80 new pieces og Art of Phrasing from Arban's
    4 new pieces of the last 12 difficult solos at the end of the arban (the really difficult ones...)
    A completely new section: baroque music (2 haydn's concerts, father's and son's) with Eb and Piccolo trumpet.
    I've bought a new trumpet and new mouthpiece: Courtois Ev.2 dual bell and Monette B4.
    I've recorded a new highnotes piece: american anthem a'ka Gesse McGuire, it's my favourite recording!
    Check it out! Spangled Banner.mp3

    Check news page often!

    Have fun!
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    New update (a big an useful one!)

    Tonguing, MULTIPLE tonguing! Another Section is over
    04/04/06 13:58 | Recent Updates
    It took quite a while to finish it but it's been worth the wait: I have finished all the Double Tonguing, Slurred and DT and Fanfare Tonguing sections in Arban's book.
    It's a lot of stuff and together with a couple of new Triple Tonguing files it's more than 80 (EIGHTY) new files!
    Please take the time to listen to it because they are the exercises that EVERY accomplished trumpet player in the world want's you to do when they are asked "how to develop a good double and triple staccato?"

    Have fun!
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    Wow, how cool! And very useful! :clap: :D
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    Although I can get to the start page, I can't get any of the exercises to work. Just get the tiny window with the red cross through it.
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    For me it works, if it's a particular exercises please tell me the web address, maybe it's corrupted.
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    Any of the Arban. I haven't tried the others. I can select the page and exercise number but then just get a blank screen with the small window in the top left corner, that has a red cross through it. No sounds whatsover.
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  12. Rapier

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    Nope, nothing. Same as the others. Browser IE6 (?) or whatever the latest incarnation is.
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    I have IE6 and it works fine - do you have anything stopping the use of activeX controls? (in my browser, the quicktime player used for mp3's uses quicktime activeX).
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    Also works on Firefox on my Mac
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    :clap: Great site,
  16. persins

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    Fantastic Site! I had a brief look at it last night but was at work and so couldn't listen to any of the exercises! I was surprised that I could access the site with the unpredictable firewall that we appear to have. Maybe if I ever get a spare minute I'll try it at home but it is a good idea nonetheless.
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    Thanks to everyone who appreciate my work!!!


    Another 30 songs from Arban
    12/04/06 16:40 | Recent Updates
    I have recorded ALL of the Art Of Phrasing (150 pieces) but it's quite long to add every piece the effects and updating the website, for now 30 new pieces of The Art Of Phrasing in Arban's book!
    Now from 1 to 50 are online! Art Of Phrasing/TheArtOfPhrasing.html

    Happy playing!
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    Another BIG update: 50 new songs of Arban's The Art Of Phrasing!

    If you are interested in it, I also started giving online trumpet lessons: audio and video available both for Mac and Windows!

    Have fun!

    Ciao, Tony
  19. Awesome!

    The publishers might even cut you a deal if you contact them, and you can make a few bucks to support the site.
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    I wish the liked to!!!
    In that case I should play them a lot better and with better equipment, by now I'm just recording almost at first sight, because it's something like "a day by day" played diary of my progresses, in fact I have planned to stop recording new stuff after I finish the Arban because I want to record again the worst ones. Then I think I will start the Concone which is, compared to Arban, quite easy and fast to finish.
    If someone of you wants me to record a particular book just ask! I would be pleased to!
    About money: I've been asked to give complete copyright of my recordings for Gatti's method for a nice amount of money but we are checking if it's something we can do without breaking copyright laws.
    Don't think will be so easy with such a famous book like Arban!!! (Thanks for thinking in this way!!!)
    Maybe it's easier raising some bucks by giving online lessons (that I'm already doing)

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