Compensating valve adjustment

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    A strange topic, so mainly aimed at any repairmen out there or anyone who has an interesting answer!

    I am looking to get my hands on an old compensating tuba, the question is Eb or Bb?

    Im not interesting in using the instrument, i am interested in taking the valve block off including main tuning slide and valve slides and transplanting it onto another body that i have. The whole point being is that i am trying to build a compensating CC Tuba, for a bit of fun and if it turns out to be a good instrument then to keep and use!

    Now i know this is probably a debatable topic which is why i am asking, but in my opinion compensating Bb's arent great instruments, or at least the age i would be looking to buy, whereas in my opinion i could do better with an Eb. Half my mind tells me to spend the extra money finding an Eb and extending the slides down to CC. The other half however says that it would be cheaper to cut the Bb than to add extra tubing.

    What do people think, and just as importantly, what do you think about older compensating Bb's in comparison to their Eb counterparts? I want the CC to be as good as it can be in sound and possibly more on the Eb side in feel - i dont want it to do as much damage to my Eb sound as a Bb does, and i certainly want it to have the much better tone of an Eb, but as a contrabass not a bass Tuba.