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    Hi everyone,

    What are people's experiences with commissioning pieces of music? There is a possibility of commissioning a piece of music for a big event next year, possibly a major work.

    Typically how far in advance would a composer need to be approached (as early as possible i know, but realistically what is the minimum time scale)?

    How much would it cost to commission a piece from a good composer?

    All advice gratefully received! :)
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    Don't forget to include the rehearsal time you'd need to practice it up too.
  3. I have been commissioned to write a tuba concerto by the soloist. He let me know two years in advance (asked me in June for a performance in June of 2006). I would guess a minimum of a year, a year and a half minimum for a major work. New music always takes longer to work up, so give that time.

    Ken Friedrich