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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bandsec, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Can you help? We, SWT Woodfalls Band are thinking of letting a room in our band hall for a commercial office and I wonder whether anyone has any experience of this. What are the pitfalls? Does anyone have a commercial letting contract that might be fit for this purpose?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Brian Easterbrook
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Good luck with this, it is a fantastic revenue generating idea for your band. If I were you I'd just make sure you do a few things beforehand;
    • 1 - obtain Public Liability insurance to protect your band and assets from anyone breaking a bone whilst on your premises due to items such as tripping over a loose nail or similar!! (you never know)
    • 2 - get insurance to protect the building and all property within it from letting the room - you may have to advise your current insurers about this. If you don't, and subsequently need to make a claim, then you may not be covered. Be cynical - remember that insurance companies won't payout unless they have to so make sure you are covered from every angle.
    • 3 - Draw up a draft letting contract with your solicitor, and ensure that everyone who you rent the room to has signed a copy of it and that they fully understand the terms of the contract before you let them use the facilities.
    Let us know how you get on...
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    There are a number of associations that deal with property letting.

    The Southern Private Landlords association ( )is one that springs to mind (who are based in Brighton) and have a website. They provide lots of information, advice and other useful materials and a helpline. I don't know whether "commercial" letting is within their scope as I've only come accross them in a "residential" context, but it might be worth a call/email - I'm sure they'd point you at an appropriate equivalent group if its not their cup of tea.


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    Are there any Local Authority rates issue to consider?

    Our band room is in a Church Hall and as a religous building they aren't charged rates - this may apply to your building. Consequently the Church Hall cannot charge "rent" for use of the building and they are only allowed to accept "donations" in lieu.
  5. persins

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    Just to provide further information to you all, the committee also came up with some further considerations following initial discussions on the viability of the idea:
    Does the room meet fire regulations for the change of usage?
    Does the bandroom have a current Landlord's Gas Safety certificate?
    Does the tennant require the permission to make amendments to the structure of the building?

    Further considerations with regards to the fee requested included discussions around whether utilities useage and additional property management costs were built into the rate.
  6. You may also wish to consider then rent received from a commercial letting will be chargeable to corporation tax at 19% per annum.
  7. iggmeister

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    I deal in this type of work. The best advice you can get at this stage is (a) get a decent commercial property agent to help you with the practicalities and (b) get a solicitor to prepare your lease and advise on the legalities.

    Commercial letting is very different to residential letting and business tenants can get lots of rights to stay long ater the end of their lease unless you take steps to restrict the various laws that protect tenants. It does very much depend upon your circumstances and you should take advice to prevent any unexpected and unwanted problems in the future.

    Between the agent and solicitor, you should have all your questions answered.


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