Coming out of retirement!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by welsh_dragon, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. welsh_dragon

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    I haven't been banding for well over 2 years now. And to tell ther truth i haven't missed it that much because in the few months before i finished i wasn't enjoying it at all. In this time i haven't looked at my instrument so i dread to see in what state my Baritone is in.......

    One thing i'm worried about is in what state my playing will be after such a long absent?!?! Has anyone been out of banding for this long before? And if so, how was your playing after such a long time away? In the past where i've had a few months break from playing i've been able to pick it up almost instantly from where i left off. This time i doubt that i'll be able to pick it up from where i left off.

    If anyone can give me some advice i'll be very grateful.

  2. Just Phil

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    I came back to playing 3 yrs ago after 22 yrs off and a paralized face, it was rough for a while but its ok now, I know I'll never be as good as I was when I was in the military but I've got to say I'm enjoying playing a hell of a lot more now than I did back then, just give it time and plenty of individual practice and do not expect too much of yourself
  3. halsasaurus

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    Dont worry about it. You will probably soon be better than you were before. I came back in 2008 after a 20 year break and it soon came back. The worst thing about it was the regret about giving it up 20 years ago
    I think that there is a resurgance in interest again like there was in the 1970's/1980's.
    People like me are coming back to it and there is a lot more interest from the current youth
    I hope so anyway
  4. Super Ph

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    at first it will seem like starting completely from scratch, but of course you'll learn much faster. regular practice for a few months will get you most of the way there, and if you do it properly you might relearn without the old bad habits (if any).
  5. marksmith

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    I am in exactly the same position.
    I have been out of regular playing several times - and each time it has become more difficult to re-capture the technique and sound.
    I am working hard on scales/long notes etc, and I have found using a mute for the first 20 minutes or so, encourages a big sound to develop faster.
    I play Euph and am trying to match some of the excellent playing in my new band.
    However, one thing that I am having to face this time, is a lack of self-confidence.
    The vast majority of band members are encouraging me through this (they know my capabilities of old), however, I am finding one or two individuals impatient with my progress (for whatever reason and I have only been playing 3 weeks!) and this does under-mine my personal progress and confidence.
    I have broad shoulders and am determined to get back to my old standard, but it cannot be rushed.
    Good luck with your own playing, just believe in yourself.
  6. on_castors

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    I have JUST returned to playing after two years off due mainly to illness, and can't say I have found the slightest problem other than a bit of lip trembling early on! I am actually a bit surprised myself as when I had a spell off in the past I was far rustier! OK, my breathing isn't exactly special, but that's more linked with loss of fitness.

    It's just the third section I have gone back to, and if I was playing at the top end of the band it might have been a bit slower, especially the need to build up lip stamina with a smaller mouthpiece, but at the Bass end, I am pleasantly surprised.
  7. _si

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    I came back in march this year after a 19 yr lay off.....never been happier!, it was tough going at first, even reading the music took some getting used to etc, but now after 6 months i feel like im playing as well as i was when i stopped the first time :)
  8. brassneck

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    This should not be much of a problem if there hasn't been much change with your chops' setup. Dental work can produce profound changes in embouchure/support and must be taken into consideration. If that's the case, take it slowly, building from scratch.
  9. David Mann

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    Where did you end up, Mark?
  10. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Playing is like falling off a bike - you never really forget how to do it ;-)
  11. David Mann

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    I had 2 years off and only started again because I was at the bottom of an orchestra's dep list. From nothing to alto trom parts over 2 days! When I've had a break I find tonguing with any speed the most difficult, but as others have said, take it slowly, do the basics and you could be better than previously.
  12. welsh_dragon

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    Thanks for all of your replies.

    I did actually have a little practice on Tuesday night........ it was quite easy getting back in to it but yet again had the same problems as before - lost interest after about 20 minutes and haven't bothered to have another practice since! Maybe i would be better off going straight to a band practice, but that will also have its problems as i would rather go straight back in to a Championship Section band but those are hard to find in my area.

    I do think i might need a longer break or a change of instrument maybe? We'll see.........
  13. wagger-g

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    I came back to banding as a player after a considerable break (but not as long as some above) before picking up the stick again. For me it was surprisingly easy - for the first 10 minutes! After that it was a hard slog of regular practice and lots of lip flexibility exercises before I could hold my own at a band rehearsal.

    What I found from this disciplined routine was just how much I enjoyed making the noise! And I'm convinced there were real mental and physical benefits from the practical effort.

    So anyone out there who is thinking they might return to active banding, get on with it. You'll love it!
  14. welsh_dragon

    welsh_dragon New Member

    Can't believe i actually wrote this back in September 2010! Its taken me up until January this year to get back in to banding and i'm now playing 1st Baritone with Deiniolen Silver Band in the areas in three weeks time. Really can't wait as it will be my first contest since the Senior Trophy in 2009. Quite an easy test piece in Mountain Views which hasn't given me much problems getting myself back in to shape!