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  1. madsaz

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    Phil & Helen Ramsden are pleased to announce that they have taken over the Stamford Arms, Huddersfield Road, Carrbrook.

    Brass banding is a theme close to our hearts, and we want to establish a series of summer sunday concerts, in the vein of the Navigation concerts, to really establish both the pub and Brass Music at the heart of our community.

    The first concert will be by our own Ashton Band. We are looking for other local bands who are interested in coming along and showing us what you can do!

    Please get in touch with Phil:

    Mobile : 07930544572
    Home : 01457832105
    Pub: 01457832133
    email :

    Or look at our (fledgling) website :
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  2. Chris Sanders

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    Best of luck Rammy and congrats for your Grand Sheild Result!!

  3. smurf

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    G'day Blue......Well done and i'll be looking for a pint when I get over.

    See you in October

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