Colne - does it have any words?

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    Hi all, This one is puzzling me. We often play hymn tune no 10 in the red hymn books because our solo cornet player likes it. However, I can't find any words that are sung to this lovely tune.

    Does anybody know whether it has any?
  2. Brian Kelly

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    A quick flick through my copy of the 1986 ediition of the Salvation Army Song Book (i.e. hymn book) gives 7 hymns which use Colne as a tune (many hymns can be and are sung to more than one tune), numbers 61, 254, 425, 496, 615, 791, and 946.

    The words of hymn 615 by John Oxenham are the words most commonly used for Colne, at least in my experience in Salvation Army (others may know differently):

    'Mid all the traffic of the ways,
    Turmoils without, within,
    Make in my heart a quiet place,
    And come and dwell therein:

    A little shrine of quietness,
    All sacred to thyself,
    Where thou shalt all my soul possess,
    And I my find myself:

    A little place of mystic grace,
    Of self and sin swept bare,
    Where I may look into thy face,
    And talk with thee in prayer.

    Come occupy my silent place,
    And make thy dwelling there!
    More grace is wrought in quietness
    Than any is aware.

    The Canadian Salvationist composer Len Ballentine set these words to the American folk-tune "Shenandoah" as a choral work, which he later re-arranged for brass bands, called '' 'Mid all the Traffic" (for anyone who has played it and wondered where the title came from)
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    Thanks Brian - will help me when writing the sleeve notes for our new CD which we are recording this weekend! ;)
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    I always try to be helpful.
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    And thanks from me too, Brian. I suspected it might have to be a Salvationist to come to the rescue ;)

    I wouldn't like to spark off another conspiracy theory...but... ;)
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