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    must retire NOW.

    I'm sorry, but for someone who was once considered to be the best referee in the world - (an opinion that I also held) - he had an absolute shocker tonight - bordering on the incompetent. He was dreadful.

    He obviously doesn't like big strikers. Everything Duncan Ferguson and Marcus Bent did got penalised. Everything. Right from the kick-off.

    And why was that goal disallowed. His performance tonight has massive ramifications for Everton Football Club. It will cost them millions.

    You can argue that Everton lost it in the first leg. An argument that I don't necessarily disagree with. But the whole point of playing two big strikers in the second leg was to cause the Villareal defence, especially their very unsteady goalkeeper, problems. Not once were the Everton strikeforce given the opportunity to put that plan in to practice. Indeed, even in commentary Collina was referred to as a "homey".

    I'm devasted. Everton didn't deserve that tonight. And, yes, I have a more than passing interest as I am married to a passionate and devoted Everton fan - but I do try to be objective - come on I'm a Palace fan ;).

    Just seen David Moyes interviewed - he was seething.

    Is the standard of refereeing - both in Europe and England - getting better or not? I think England has some of the best referees in the game. Collina WAS the best in the world. But now it's time for him to hang up his whistle.
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    I was suprised at just how bad he was last night - I thought he was dreadful. It seemed to me that every single time Ferguson jumped he blew for a foul. And for that goal to be disallowed was a total injustice in my opinion. Has he stated a reason as to why he disallowed it? I could see nothing wrong with it.
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    He apparently reported that he disallowed the goal for a foul by Bent on a defender - yet the replay showed it was the defender pulling Bent's shirt. Even so, those two were no where near the ball at the time and it was a clean and crisp jump by Ferguson to head in. Astonishing decision.

    It was also said in commentary that the Villareal manager "probably had a word with Collina to make sure he 'watched' Ferguson's style of play". Even if he did, Collina just didn't let Ferguson play at all.
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    I read today that he had retired due to a "conflict of interest" as he recently signed an endorsement package with a company who I think provide shirt sponsorship to one of the Serie A clubs.
    I'm not sure whether it is all football or just Italian, but will have a quick look on t'internet for more details once I've ploughed through all the messages I've missed over the last fortnight!!
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    Yup, he signed a contract with Opel who sponsor AC Milan, so he quit. May not have been for the reasons suggested earlier in the thread, but at the same time, he's retired.

    I didn't see the Everton game. I have no doubt the observations are genuine but I've seen Collina have the odd bad game before when Serie A was regularly televised on Channel 4. Every ref has them I guess. Every player and manager does (just ask Newcastle United fans.... when, oh when will the penny drop. Owen won't save Newcastle's bacon, a change of manager might, though!).

    Funnily enough, I've just been watching the video of the night England beat Germany 5-1 in Munich. Collina was the ref that night. Didn't have a bad game as such, but booked Heskey for an innocuous foul (his first of the evening) when other, sterner challenges went unpunished by card, even if free kicks were given.

    Mind you, I'd like to have seen that Everton game, because I reckon Collina at his worst would still be better than most of the showers that officiate in the Premiership!
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    He's the one with the baldhead and mad eyes, no?

    If so...pity he should end his days this way...always seemed to be abovethe politics and more about the game.

    Ah well