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    Co-op Press strongly supports the College Music Society's Community Engagement initiative, whose goal is to encourage all musicians to "create more environments where more people can Live Through Music ". We believe that this is especially needed in order to perpetuate contemporary "art music". Therefore, the Co-op Press Fund offers five grant programs to performers in order to foster audience appreciation and understanding of "Mainstream Literary Music", which is art music that is based on musical traditions established prior to the mid-20th century. Our grant programs offer you the opportunity to work closely with award-winning composer, Sy Brandon to achieve your goals of reaching out to your audiences to share your enthusiasm for your art. You can select from five different grant programs to suit your needs: the Commission Assistance Grant, the First Performance Grant, the Next Hearing Grant, the Recording Grant, and the Residency Assistance Grant.

    For application, further information, and to sample Sy Brandon’s music, visit or contact:

    Co-op Press Grant Programs
    P.O. Box 204
    Wrightsville, PA 17368-0204
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