Clouds and Sunshine Quartet

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    Hello Folks,

    here's a request on behalf of the south molton junior band, does anybody know where we can find 'clouds and sunshine'? it's a quartet and we want to play it! (I remember playing it a few years ago, so I know it definately exists! We've tried just music and they don't have it!

    Many Thanks

    Fi and the Junior Band!
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    Hello Fi and the Junior band. I have a score for Clouds and Sunshine. You are very welcome to it. PM me with details if you are interested in this. Ken
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    Score posted today Fi. Ken
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    Clouds and Sunshine

    The quartet is still available from Wright & Round, it's their No. 2 set and contains 4 quartets . . . 1. Remembrance, 2. Soldier's Tale, 3. Murmuring Breezes, and 4. Clouds and Sunshine. I remember them as being amongst my first quartets nearly 50 years ago!!!!