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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Al, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Al

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    A kick off from another thread really, but I was wondering if any bands throw music out after a good clearout.

    I can't bring myself to throw music away as it is not really for me or anyone else to decide if a piece will ever be played again. Whether or not it is "any good" is a pretty subjective question.

    I feel there is some sentimental value to our band music and in any case it is part of our history.

    Also, could such music be offered as a give away to another band (donation to charity?) or might that be against copyright laws too.

    Perhaps a good clearout is good for a band and to hell with the 'echoes of the past' and any hoarding instincts and all that? What do other bands do?

    As an aside, what gems or otherwise have been found whilst your band has been sorting out the library?
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  2. Will the Sec

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    There are many young bands, both in the UK and overseas, that would be only too pleased to receive old music. (Probably for postage only.) Favourites found in a band's library? Grandma's Parcel and CUMB.
  3. If any band has 'Cock up your beaver' you should never give it away. If only so it looks good in the music library list. :D
  4. Lezuls

    Lezuls New Member

    yes other bands might be looking for parts of old music because they have been lost through the years and cant get them so to be given sets would be brill. Perhaps someone should start a swap shop or a site where you register the parts you are looking for and other bands can see if they have spares etc. (Ha Ha)
  5. Mesmerist

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    No get shot of it. If it has not been played for years because its rubbish its not going to get any better with time? Make room for the music you will use, love and enjoy.

    One player I once knew said if its "yellow " music then its only fit for chip paper (or something slightly worse that rhymes but then she was a nurse and a bass player...)
  6. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Your Honour, you realise proper music when you see/hear it. We did it recently with a scottish lady reading out the poetry over the top of it. Sheer class music. :woo Love the cheesy scotch anthem in the bari section in the middle.

    <Topic> I personally wouldn't throw anything out because as posted before, there might be someone who comes along in 20 years time and thinks, "Ee by gum, Oh what a lovely war, what a fantastic piece of music, let's get that out and entertain the elderly members of the audience."
    Test pieces would be good to keep because they would still be difficult in years to come to help improve a band.
  7. Sopman

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    We still have some music books given to us by another local band when they folded just after WWII, and the music was old then!!!

    Our librarian is desparate to "file" them, but as our conducter is a retired historian, they stay put...

    They get played sometimes, but don't think they'll ever be heard in public again.

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