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  1. whats the best way to clean a eb bass inside and out and give it a good old overhaul? is the soak in the bath the best way? what cleaning agent does anyone suggest to put in the water? i keep on putting it off cause it seems such a time consuming job. i know a bloke who does this thing for a living and he charges £35 for a complete clean. worth it?
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    I think we have had a simalar thread before. I always do a good soak in the bath, with fairy liquid, or simalar.
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    Did mine yesterday, nothing to it. In the bath with a bit of fairy liquid and some warm water. The best thing is if you have the sort of bath with shower attachmment. If you can take the actual shower head off so you effectively have a hosepipe then make a good firm seal with the lead pipe and fill her up, flush it through until the water is comming out of teh bell. This gets all of the crud out of the instrument usually. You can alwas try putting a drop of fairy liquid into the lead pipe first.

    Then take the valves out, clean those separately with an old tooth brush or a small bottle brush (or you can splash out and buy proper brushes.

    To be honest from start to finish only takes an hour or so, but obviously the dirtier the bass, the longer it takes to clean!! do it yourself as there is such a sense of satisfaction and by the way £35 is steep for someone else to do it. Just think, thats a fair few pints of beer!!

    Good luck

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    I always use the soak in the bath method I must admit...can't say I ever relish doing it with kids running around (though that's more once its out and drying and down to a fear of finding springs and slides and valve caps strewn all around the house...or NOT finding, which I suppose would be worse!). I've got one of those cleaning snakes and its not too bad...but I do try and clean it regularly which probably helps.

    Having said that, if it was my own instrument, rather than the bands, I would consider £35 a good deal for an occasioanal "proper job".

    As an additional question though, my 2nd and 3rd valve "finger pads" (can't for the life of me think of the proper name!!) keep unscrewing as I there any way to stop this happening? I must admit they are pretty loose!!
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    A tip i was given on here a while ago is to add a couple of spoons of sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda) to the water when soaking - as it's alkaline it neutralises all the nasty mouth acid stuff in the instrument. It works really well. Obviously you may need more than a couple of tablespoons for a bass in a bath - I'm doing a cornet in the kitchen sink, so half a tub might be more like it!
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    Won't it fit in the dishwasher then?
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    i play euphonium but am sure my method will be the same as the one i use. When i clean my euphonium i use the bath method. After bathing, i use my the new Besson multifibre cleaning cloth (£9.99 shipped from America) with the additon of water. You have to dip the cloth in water as this is what activates the special polish.

    Hope this helps
  8. Hi there. I run my own instrument repair bussiness (Brass-Fix UK) and the best thing for cleaning instruments inside and out is fairy/persil washing up liquid - they do some nice flavours too!. We use a special solution for removing grime from valves, but warm soapy water is just fine. just let it soak for a few minutes and then get a snake brush through all the tubing. Just make sure you flush it out with some clean water to get rid of the grime you have gotten out.
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    He! He! He! :lol::lol:
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    hehehe, fit in the dishwasher? u must be having a giraffe :cool:
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    Now those are really tricky to clean and definitely don't fit in a dishwasher!:lol:

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