Cleaning Stored Brass Instruments

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by loulou_bedford, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. loulou_bedford

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    I'm hoping some of you can help us out with some advice on our stored instruments.

    We have a few brass instruments which are not currently being played, and are in storage. Is it good to regularly clean these instruments (valve oil, slide grease) or just to leave until they're dug out to be played?

    One of our committee members has offered to go through and sort out valves and slides which could be great but I was concerned that it could be a thankless task if we're just going to put them back in the cupboard for another few years...

    Thanks Lucy
  2. Bass Trumpet

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    It depends on how dedicated you are! Personally, I would leave them - it's a toss up between cleaning them once a month or cleaning them once when they are to be played again. I know what I would choose!
  3. Despot

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    We at least losen all the valve caps and pull the slides out a good bit. Its the slides that will cause the most problem if they stick solid. Every so often, I open a box and check every is moving and losen what isn't, but only occassionaly go as far as regreasing and cleaning.

    You could completely strip them down and store the parts seperately, but you run the risk the parts may get lost over time, or damaged.
  4. Despot

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    I wonder how many instruments in use get cleaned once a month, never mind the ones in storage! :)
  5. Andrew Norman

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    Definately loosen the valve caps (top and bottom) and pull the slides out a little. I would check on them regularly, especially if you have someone willing to do it. Better still get them USED....
  6. loulou_bedford

    loulou_bedford New Member

    Thanks, that's really helpful. We will go through and loosen them all off! Cheers