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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ian perks, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    How often do you clean your Car?
    Or do you take to the car wash because you are to lazy to do it yourself.
    Or do you get someone else to do it for you (Still means you are to lazy to do it)
    Or wait till some one starts to put messages on your car such as
    "also available in white as well:biggrin: "

    I clean mine each saturday when come home from work on Sat afternoons:clap:
  2. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    When it's dirty, usually around 3 weeks or so. Never use a car wash! A friend of mine took his new car through one, once a week and when he went to change it, after just the year, he lost £600 off the trade in price because of the wear to the paintwork.

    Oh, and whats TACLKE and REPRECUSSIONS?
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  3. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    I tend to wait until it gets annoying getting dirty hands opening the boot. Don't have a regular routine tho (although being a tight jock living in Yorkshire the auto carwash's don't get much of a look in generally), so when i can get motivated I tend to wash it by hand.

    p.s. I was gonna ask the same question myself Rapier. :-?
  4. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    I normally wait until it snows.
    When it melts it takes all the dirt with it.
    Well that's my theory anyway !!
    My neighbours are really annoying. They're ALL out every Sunday morning washing, polishing and hoovering and worst of all, looking as if they are really enjoying it - sad folk !!
    - Wilky
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    Oooh, we've gone one of those on each side! I regularly offer one of them a fiver to do ours, but they just look at me a laugh. :confused: Don't think they realise I'd actually pay it if they did it. We quite often get a gang of scouts come round in the summer and offer to clean the car for a couple of quid.
  6. julestools

    julestools Active Member

    What!..... No rain in the west midlands. Didn't know you had to wash them aswell as put fuel in.

    Boss told me once (years ago) to throw a bucket of water over his car. I did. He never asked me again (kept my job though) :oops:


  7. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    I try and bribe my kids to clean it, depends how desperate they are for money!

    Actually, I just washed it on Saturday, first time since the summer, got fed up of dirt all over my hand everytime i went into the boot. Was going to clean the inside as well, but it got too much for me. Haha
  8. Ruthless

    Ruthless Member

    My hubbie cleans mine most weekends, takes him 10-15 mins to do both - keeps them looking respectable - don't go for the 2hours a week like the neighbours
  9. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Chuck it in the car wash when I forget what colour it is. Sometimes take it to Charlies and ask the boys to do a hand job. ;)
    Car washing is for people who have far too much time on their hands.:tongue:
  10. Mister 4x4

    Mister 4x4 Member

    The Ram usually sees a drive-thru wash about every 3 weeks or so - vacuumed when it needs it. It's so dusty and windy in Texas that it's not worth trying to keep up with it. I hand-washed the Ram once... and that's all it took. It's so big that it became a 2-hour job. I use the drive-thru washes all the time now.

    The Jeep lives in the garage most of the time, so it gets dusted more than washed. But gets a good hosing after an off-road excursion. The Jeep gets the hand-wash though. If the roof's off, I'm good about not hosing down the 'interior'. If the top's on, it goes quick enough - but the tires are too big for drive-thru washes anyway.

    Her car sits in the garage most of the time as well. When it looks like I'm going to be driving it for a term, I usually run it through a drive-thru and clean out the interior. I hate having someone else's trash and whatnot thrown about in the car. Plus she smokes, and the windshield gets loaded up rather quickly with a haze. I absolutely hate not being able to see clearly out of windows.

    I used to be one of those 2-hour weirdos. My Mustang was kept pristine (because I was single and had nothing better to do and little money). My Blue Nissan 4x4 was kept in 'show-truck' condition as well - again, single and nothing better to do. But after I got married and had responsibility for more than just one car - my enthusiasm waned... especially after noticing that she didn't seem to value having a clean car as much as I did. Seems almost insulting to have someone detail your car, and then not even attempt to keep it tidy.
  11. gawber

    gawber Active Member

    Hubby washes mine-he thinks he's the only one who can wash it properly and that's fine by me!
  12. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    I drive it in Oxford for probably about 10 weeks or so and then I visit home and when I leave it tends to be a much sparklier blue than I remember :)
  13. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    I do if Im desperate for money and I get at least a fiver... Only happened once. The problem is I get bored halfway through so I just throw water over it, then it looks a bit odd.
  14. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    I do mine when the windows get really dirty (if it rains the top half is pretty much self-cleaning anyway!), and "the bus" (or Picasso) when it gets so dirty the muck starts coming off on the kids clothes. i just get the jetwash out, stick the brush end thingy on and can do a quick wizz over both in 30 mins or so.
    This time of year you have to be careful when you wash, or the doors freeze shut!
    i have to clean the inside of "the bus" more often though, or the back floor ends up knee-deep in paper, sweeties, Fruit Shoot bottles and McDonalds fries.............
  15. Fergus

    Fergus Member

    In my years of driving I've never washed my car. No point in doing it yourself when you can pay some one to do it for you !!! ;)
    Fortnightly I pay a nice little man at the local handwash £5 to wash it and every other fortnight I pay him £14 for a mini-valet.
  16. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I used to say to myself that I'd clean my car every fortnight, on my day off from uni in my 3rd year.... it happened.... for a about a fortnight, then I didn't keep it up and just did it when I could be bothered.... Every now and again I'd put it through a carwash, but I never like to waste money doing that...

    I'm not using the car *as* often now, so, prolly try doing it once a month... It badly needs doing atm.... I've been saying that for the last 3/4 weeks though.

    Thursday.... I'll do it Thursday.............................
  17. Magic Flute

    Magic Flute Supporting Member

    Mine would have to be: ' When you see a poll asking you how often you clean your car... ' :oops:
  18. julestools

    julestools Active Member

    Can't drive at the moment so it's not up to me to wash it (because I didn't dirty it) but April throws it through a car wash for weddings and funerals.
    My car (the flyer) gets a good polishing at the beginning of the year and only goes out on gorgeous sunny days. Reflection from the bonnet can be a serious driving hazard on a sunny evening (need shades). Can't put it through a car wash due to lack of any form of weather protection.


  19. julestools

    julestools Active Member

    April here: Can I just point out the fallacy in the above statement from my loved one. Even when he was fit and able to drive (ie before 25.09.05) and did dirty it - my husband did not make a habit of washing my car - a task I might add that some ladies husbands' are pleased and proud to do for their darling wives.;)
    (Please forgive incorrect apostrophe's if any!!) :oops:

  20. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    I have never washed my car... it was a blue colour, but is now brown.
    I actually empied the empty fag packets the other day... had about 20 of em in the passenger foot well.

    I am incredibly lazy!