Classroom Music Teacher required - Lancashire.

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by AndyCat, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Mods, Feel free to move this thread, but I don't know where to!

    My school needs a Classroom music teacher to start in September. I'm posting as it's quite a good opportunity for someone, as it's a high performing, oversubscribed C of E school with 6th form, in a relatively new building (6 years old), and I'd like someone with an instrumental/ensemble background to get it!

    I'm not a music teacher there, and am in no way involved in the process, I do other stuff, but am involved in the Brass Group, Shows, Choir etc. It's a 3 person department with links to the Cathedral and their choirs. The other extra curricular stuff needs a boost though! We have 1600 kids, and besides the choir there is only a brass group of 8, including me!

    Details here

    If you want any info, pm.
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    Me me me

    And how many duvet days would be included with this post .. and could |I work from home??

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