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  1. Laserbeam bass

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    * "You get bunches of players like you do bananas...though that is a bad comparison."

    * "Argentina won't be at Euro 2000 because they're from South America."

    * "People will say that was typical City, which really annoys me. But that's typical City, I suppose..."

    * "By the end he [Asprilla] was knackered-o. I think that's the Spanish for it."

    * "They're the second best team in the world and there's no higher praise than that."

    * "One of his strengths is not heading."

    * "He's using his strength and that is his strength, his strength."

    * "My father was a miner and he worked down a mine."

    * "If I had a blank piece of paper there'd be five names on it."

    * "Hungary is very similar to Bulgaria. I know they're different countries..."

    * "I didn't see a lot. When Benitez learns a bit more English someone have to tell him to sit down."

    * "England have the best fans in the world and Scotland's fans are second to none."

    * "Against France we'll have to be at our best both technically, tactically and spirit-wise."

    * "You can't do better than go away from home and get a draw."

    * "We deserved to win this game after hammering them 0-0 in the first half."

    * "I don't think there's anyone bigger or smaller than Maradona."

    * "He [SWP] is now getting paid what he deserves to be paid. I don't approve of using kids as cheap labour."

    * "The 33 or 34 year olds will be 36 or 37 by the time the next World Cup comes around, if they're not careful."

    * "Maine Road was a great football stadium but as time moved on it stayed where it is..."

    * "Chile have three options - they could win or they could lose."

    * "Gary always weighed up his options, especially when he had no choice."

    * "The tide is very much in our court now."

    * "The Germans only have one player under 22, and he's 23."

    * "You don't get two chances at this level, or at any other level for that matter."

    * "He can't speak Turkey, but you can tell he's delighted."

    * "Batistuta is very good at pulling off defenders."

    * "There'll be no siestas in Madrid tonight."

    * "It's understandable that people are keeping one eye on the pot and another up the chimney."

    * "England can end the millennium as it started - as the greatest football nation in the world."

    * "I know what is around the corner - I just don't know where the corner is. But the onus is on us to perform and we must control the bandwagon."

    * "They compare Steve McManaman to Steve Heighway and he's nothing like him, but I can see why - it's because he's a bit different..."

    * "In some ways, cramp is worse than having a broken leg."

    * "Should Al-Fayed get a British passport? 1000 per cent yes."

    * "The good news for Nigeria is that they're two-nil down very early in the game..."

    * "Despite his white boots, he has real pace..."

    * "That would have been a goal if it wasn't saved."

    * "Goalkeepers aren't born today until they're in their late 2Os or 3Os."

    * "The substitute is about to come on - he's a player who was left out of the starting line-up today."

    * "The ref was vertically 15 yards away."

    * "Sir John Hall was a multi-millionaire when I came back to Newcastle. With all the players I've bought, I'm trying to make him just an ordinary millionaire."

    * "Football's always easier when you've got the ball."

    * "People still have the concept of one big bath, but the way forward hygeine-wise is single baths."

    * "It's like a toaster, the ref's shirt pocket. Every time there's a tackle, up pops a yellow card "

    * "I'd love to be a mole on the wall in the Liverpool dressing room at half-time."

    * "I'm not trying to make excuses for David Seaman, but I think the lights may have been a problem..."

    * "The game has gone rather scrappy as both sides realise they could win this match or lose it."

    * "I'm not disappointed - just disappointed."

    * "There's a slight doubt about only one player, and that's Tony Adams, who definitely won't be playing tomorrow."

    * "I came to Nantes two years ago and it's much the same today, except that it's totally different."

    * "We managed to wrong a few rights."

    * "It's my job not to get beheaded."

    * "I'll never play at Wembley again, unless I play at Wembley again."

    * "Sometimes there are too many generals and not enough people waving to the generals as they walk past."

    * "A tremendous strike which hit the defender full on the arm - and it nearly came off."

    * "That decision, for me, was almost certainly definitely wrong."

    * "Danny Tiatto is not going to make a mistake on purpose."

    * "He'll also be very dangerous from set-pieces. That means he'll be a threat from free-kicks and corners in the final third of the field."

    * "He's [Shaun Wright-Phillips] got a heart as big as his size, which isn't big, but his heart's bigger than that."

    * "The problem in our country is that we use hindsight as our judge. When she [Margaret Thatcher] was in power, there were a lot of good things done, but people will always pick out bad things. She was a good lady."
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  3. WhatSharp?

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    or famous quote from Stevenage...

    "Wheres the ege of this staaaaaaaaggggeee"
  4. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    That's right WhatStep...!
  5. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Love it!!!!:clap: ;) :p
  6. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    Keegans a legend... I dont care what anyone else says...

    He did great for Man City... Brought us back from nothing to a mid table premiership side, He's s reached his level and has allowed Phsyco to take charge... I respect him... Even if he does speak without thinking...
  7. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    :clap: :p
  8. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    He did do a good job but when it comes to putting his foot in his mouth, he's on a par with Prince Philip!!!
  9. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    HorniKaz likes this.
  10. Heather

    Heather Member

    Keegan's a legend and I respect everything he's done......but those quotes are brilliant!
  11. meandmycornet

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    keegan seems to have quite a few blonde moments :p I think we should have a blonde moments thread :p I'll start it off, my gran was telling us about one of her neighbours who having anonymous phone calls, my mum said "oh, who from?" d'uh :p

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  13. Spanky Rear

    Spanky Rear Member

    Can't we get him a job with 4BR or as an adjudicator otherwise his 'gems' may be less frequent and thus lessen everyone's entertainment.
  14. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    No Can Do... He'd walk out before his contract was over leaving you £63m in debt... ;)

    (still think he was a great manager though...) :D
  15. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Where's the "I'll love it if we beat them" I laughed when he went mental and toon lost a 12 point lead at the top to be beaten to the title by Man Utd :biggrin:

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