Classic Cornet Mouthpiece.

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  1. Despot

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    The Denis Wick is regarded as the "classic" cornet mouthpiece, yet only(!) became available in the early 1970's - which is relatively new compared to the lifespan of the instrument.

    So what did players use before that? Does the fact that the Denis Wick mouthpiece is so widespread mean that the accepted cornet sound has more to do with market saturation? Did it become accepted because there wasn't an alternative?
  2. Leyfy

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    My bloke (Essex Elvis) said that at the Salvation army hall he used to attend there are a lot of pre-1970s instruments, and a lot of old mouthpieces. Interestingly, he said that they are shaped a lot like my new Wick 'heritage' mouthpiece.

    Hence the name 'heritage', I would imagine ;)
  3. GJG

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    The "classic" mouthpiece in the SA before the DW was the "Rangefinder". Outside of the SA, I'm not sure.
  4. Vegasbound

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    Speaking to the older players...they always say they used whatever came with the instrument!

    I think Denis's tie in with Boosey & Hawkes was largely responsible for it's acceptance as the 'norm' with cornet players and others.

    Not the same on the trumpet side though where the industry standard instrument has been for a long time Bach 37 so players where brought up on bach mouthpieces!

    Same could be said of Bones's where Conn/Bach/King are still the choice.
  5. brassneck

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    Boosey & Hawkes supplied quite a lot of KosiKups with instruments prior to this period ... okay the picture is from a horn m/p currently on eBay, but you will remember what they looked like!

  6. crk365

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    speaking of mouth peices, I noticed some sop players in the 2009 EBBC inserting something into their mouth peices a couple of times during the peices (most notably the sop player in Brass Band Oberoserreich).

    Is this a new bit of kit or some secret that only soprano players know??
  7. andywooler

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    That'll be them taking teeth out, not putting stuff in!