Classic Brass - Grimethorpe

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Accidental, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Yes it is good listening isn`t it? I remember in about 1982 when we recorded the Firebird album for Polyphonic, Ray Farr wanted to include the whole winning Granada programme which was Midnight Sleighride, On With the Motley, Harry Janos, Mr. Lears and Firebird. Stan Kitchen refused point blank to have it on his recording saying it was a visual piece only and even in the sessions at St Georges Hall some tense moments between the two were evident because we actually recorded Mr. Lears only for it to be scrapped by Stan.

    It still is a good album but could have been better with Mr Lears.

  2. brassneck

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    - only thing strange about Mr. Lear's Carnival is the lack of deliberate wrong notes in the cornet parts for the tripling section (and the sighs used in the PJBE recording). There must be a story why that was done?
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    The deliberate wrong notes are not in the band arrangement, although we used to play them in concert. The sighs in the PJBE version were perculiar to them, we never did them except for a few disgusted looks at each other and blaming instruments and valves. This is probably the visual side that Stan was worried about and perhaps we just decided to play what was written for the Classic Brass recording.

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    Good grief! Less than one day. It was and still is an inspirational recording. :clap:
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    That's just unbelievable!! It's still the best CD in my collection by a mile, and to think it took such a short time to record makes it even more amazing!

    Just wow.
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    If you've got the Band they had then, all you need to do is sit down and play :D
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    It's very good indeed 2md, but for me 'Grimethorpe Entertains' just has the edge.
    Which reminds me......Dyl, I must pm you about a certain album :wink:
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    This version of MacArthur Park has to be one of my favourite pieces of music, it's awesome, I've always said I want it playing either at my wedding or my funeral, which ever comes first, lol! Truly an amazing piece and an amazing CD.
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    The sop part in florentiner march just blew me away. I struggled to play that an octave down on cornet! (in my youth).