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    Hi All,

    I am a bit dissapointed about the lack of classic brass LPs that have made there way onto CD. One of my favourite CDs is Black Dyke Mills Band - The Virtuoso Band. You will know it as the one with Jimmy Shepherd playing the Nightingale on it and the picture of the front is a Cornet in sepia with it's bell facing out of the front. This CD skips in many places and is very clicky so a transfer from my copy is not possible.

    Transferring some of these old LPs onto CD would be a good money earner for bands. I would certainly pay a tenner for this and other LPs e.g. High Peak - Dyke and Jimmy Shepherd.

    This is our heritage we seem to be poorly served in this respect. It seems a shame that I could order a CD of for instance Herbert Clarke but not get the greatest of them all on CD -- JAMES SHEPHERD. Possibly I have not looked in the right websites, in which case I will happily stand corrected.


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    I am pretty sure I have seen both the Whole In One and Ten of the Best albums available as CDs, although not the Decca Sounds of Brass recordings.

    There is an endless stream of brass LPs being put up for sale on Ebay though, and if you were to invest in one of those clever record decks which plugs into your computer, you could then transfer the recording to CD. Alternatively of course, you could just buy an ordinary record deck and play them on that - that's what I still do!

    As for classic LPs, I was interested in Tim Mutum's recent articles for 4BR. Surprised he didn't mention any of Solna Brass's groundbreaking recordings. They were recording serious repertoire before anyone here in the UK. Their version of The Unicorns is a classic.
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    Economics, potentially lost masters, acquisition of rights and restoration are all things that can go against you in terms of a CD rerelease.
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    Tried googling "Whole In One and Ten of the Best" but it didn't turn up anything useful.

    Anyone any idea RE: then CDs ?

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    I think my immediate plan is to buy or borrow the LPs and convert them using my record deck/PC and Nero. Got some decent results with this converting some old fodens LPs.

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    Then be careful of the legality ;)

    (what you're proposing - even if you own the LPs - is techcnically illegal)

    /copyright pedant
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    Crazy law isn't it. Illegal to copy an LP that I own (and in some cases played on) onto a CD/iPOD for my own use. I can't buy a copy on CD and my record deck don't work to well on the train or in my car :)).
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    Whole In One is available from the 4 Bars Rest shop. I couldn't find Ten of the Best (but I am sure I have seen it somewhere, old age creeping in I'm afraid) - but two other CDs at 4BR - Solo Reflections and Best of JSVB - have most of the tracks from the TOTB album on them.
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    Brilliant, the wife will be pleased - more CDs in the post.

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    "The Unicorns" and "High Peak" have both made it onto cd, but are probably well out of print by now. I picked up "High Peak" recently on ebay, and I've had "The Unicorns" for ages. It was released on the Conifer Label, CDCF 167, coupled with two other choral works by Peter Dickinson, "Mass of the Apocalypse" and "Outcry".
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    I got these old Dyke recordings on Cd during a trip to the UK last june and bought them from a local HMV store

    Champions of Brass : Chandos CHAN 4510
    features recordings from 1975 and 1977

    Classic Brass The Black Dyke Mills Band
    on Castle Pie PIESD 039

    Best of Brass 4 CD set by Pulse PBX CD 450 Disc 2 Features Black Dyke with Jimmy Shepard playing Napoli and a wonderful rendition of Grandfathers Clock by I think John Clough.
    They certainly sound like the origional LP record recordings and sound great on CD
    all were available at the HMV shop in Birmingham so I would asume they would be available at any HMV shop
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    Thanks Aussie Tuba,

    I will have a look for these on tinternet. Have found some old dyke stuff on - a CD called Champions of Brass and Epic Brass. These two are mainly conducted by Roy Newsome and further research shows them to be of the James Shepherd era dyke. Also bought some old LPs. If I can just get hold of High Peak I will be happy.


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    High Peak and other LP's

    Hello Mark

    My sales website - KEITH QUINN MEMORABILIA - lists nearly all commercially produced brass band records released in the LP/EP format.

    Scroll down to BD10 and you will see the full details. High Peak is currently in stock.


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    I have the 'High peak' cd in question. Its number is RSRCD1001, Black Dyke Mills, vo.1.