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    Many in the brass band world will know Clarence Adoo - former prinicpal cornet and bandmaster of The Salvation Army, Shoeburyness and sub-principal trumpet of the Northern Sinfonia.


    If you don't know him, then you will be fascinated by his story. Totally paralysed by a road accident in his mid 30s, Clarence is more upbeat and inspirational than ever. Doctors said he would never move his limbs again. Very slowly and surely he is getting feeling back. It has been described as a miracle.

    Get to know Clarence better at

    Organisers of concerts and other events to support him get free publicity for their efforts on this site.
  2. Jules Cornet

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    Clarence is a remarkable and inspirational guy.

    I understand he is being interviewed by Jonathan Edwards on Songs of Praise, BBC1 Sunday 1st May.

    Jules Cornet
  3. carlwoodman

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    I'd better make sure that my video is set.
    Jules Cornet didn't mention that his own group Festival Brass is taking part in a fundraising concert for the Clarence Adoo Trust on Saturday 25th June. I'm sure that johnflugel will post details in due course.

    One of the easiest ways to support the Clarence Adoo Trust is by purchasing the CD Clarence Adoo's World of Brass.

    The CD was put together by Paul Smith who played tuba in the BBC Symphony Orchestra before his untimely passing 2 years ago. The musicians who appeared on the CD gave their talents free of charge and the Musicians Union provided funds towards the production costs so the maximum amount could go to help Clarence.
    It only costs £10 + post and packing and you can get a copy from me or from Brian Nicholls;

    Here's the track list ;

    Overture to Candide (Bernstein arr. Crees) London Symphony Brass
    Sonata for Six Trumpets, Timpani and Organ (H Biber) Baroque Brass of London
    A Happy Day (Leidzen) Paul Archibald (cornet) with English Brass
    Notturno for Four Horns (Rimsky-Korsakov) BBC Symphony Orchestra Horn Section
    Andate & Finale from 4th Symphony (Tchaikovsky arr. Nicholl) Black Dyke Band
    Walk with Me (Steadman-Allen) Dudley Bright (trombone) with Alison Procter (pianoforte)
    Duke of Gloucester's March, Minuet, Prince of Denmark's March (Clarke arr. Archibald) English Brass
    Austrian Hunting Music (Wunderer and Seyfried) BBC Symphony Orchestra Horn Section
    Sabre Dance (Khachaturian arr. McShane) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Brass
    Procession of the Nobles (Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Crees) London Symphony Brass
    Share my Yoke (Webb arr. Bosanko) James Watson (cornet) with Black Dyke Band
    Queensbury March (Kaye) Black Dyke Band

    This will be the best £10 you spend this week!
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  4. repiano

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    Hopefully Jules or John will also let me know by PM or via so it can be advertised there.

    Good plug Carl! :D It is a brilliant CD. I had to buy 2 because the first one wore out.

    I think I've still got a few left - you can PM me if you prefer (I am also - but don't tell anyone :cool: )
  5. Jules Cornet

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  6. repiano

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    Thanks Jules, I didn't know about that.

    Clarence is so unassuming that he doesn't always say when he has a TV or radio appearance - which seem to be many these days. Is he challenging Jonathon Ross for media exposre I wonder??? :D
  7. Bariman

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    Just a reminder to folk to watch (or tape) Songs of Praise tomorrow evening at 17:10
  8. carlwoodman

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    Drat! I forgot.
    Can anyone lend me a recording?

  9. Bariman

    Bariman Member

    I've got one, can send it via Ian W tomorrow night if you would like.
  10. carlwoodman

    carlwoodman Member

    That would be great, thanks very much.
    I'll send it back to you the following week.
  11. Bariman

    Bariman Member

    How was the video Carl? Still enjoying it? :biggrin:
  12. carlwoodman

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    Sorry for the delay, John.
    I gave the video to Ian Wilson last night.

    Many thanks for the loan of.

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