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  1. A number of people including myself found our cars clamped whilst competing in the L&SC area contest in Stevenage. After many years of being able to use the Leisure Park's car park they have now started clamping the cars of people using The Arts and Leisure Centre. Apparently the leisure centre is not considered part of the Leisure Park, and even if you also used the parks facilities you will be clamped.

    If you or anyone in your band has been a victim of this and is £125 out of pocket please make yourselves known in this thread. I was told that there is an appeals procedure we can go through. With weight of numbers maybe someone will take notice. If any of you have any expertise or insight into such matters please use this thread to spread the word on how to go about getting back our money.

    (one very annoyed) Ryan
  2. andywooler

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    Last few years I have used the pay and display immediately outside the hall itself - I wasn't aware of another car park.
  3. Daisy Duck

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    I used the Leisure Park today (Sunday) and didn't see any signs anywhere warning of clamping, or fees or anything.
  4. Accidental

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    Which car park do you mean - the private one for the Arts & Leisure centre?
  5. Accidental

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  6. The one over the far side of the bridge where all the fast food outlets are. They observed people parking on CCTV; if they first went into one of those buildings they were ok; if they crossed the bridge first they were clamped.
  7. bassendworld

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    Was this saturday or sunday?

    I used this car park sunday and must have got away with it then

    Sorry to hearabout the clamping as suggested above irt is not overly obvious what the rules are...

  8. Saturday

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