Clair Tomalin Leaves Flugel Chair at Virtuosi GUS Band

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    Clair Tomalin Leaves Virtuosi GUS Band

    After 3 years as flugel player for the Virtuosi GUS Band, Clair Tomalin has decided that the logistics of living in Essex and travelling to the Midlands for rehearsals have now proven too much whilst trying to co-ordinate her other business and family commitments.

    Clair commented: “It has been a pleasure and honour to be part of the Virtuosi GUS Band for all this time. They are a fantastic group of people and the relentless effort that the Band Manager, Shawn Pagington, puts in to the band’s organisation should be applauded. I have thoroughly enjoyed being their flugel player and will take with me many great memories of some outstanding contest and concert performances.

    David Stowell, Musical Director, has also been an inspiration to me as a player and I would like to thank him for his part in my overall enjoyment of being a member of this legendary band."

    Clair explains: “I am heavily involved with the redirection of my original business, Just Brass, and I am also actively developing a publishing business (The Music Company (UK) Ltd) with co-Director Andrew Duncan. I need to fully focus my energies and time into these ventures and this was becoming increasingly difficult with the immense amount of travelling (sometimes 1200 miles a week in the lead up to a contest) and the inevitable time this takes out of the week. It has been an extremely difficult decision, but I feel it has been absolutely necessary to ensure the future success of my business commitments.

    With the recent sponsorship support from Virtuosi Instruments, together with the new signings of such renowned players as Chris Jeans, John Hudson and Rebecca Cranshaw, I am positive the band will enjoy successful results in the forthcoming Grand Shield and French Open contests. I offer them my wholehearted best wishes and gratitude for the wonderful experience of the last 3 years.

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