City of Coventry and Warwickshire brass and percussion festival

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    The 4th CCWB Festival will take place at Bablake school, Coventry on June 29th, 10-2.
    The festival is open to all brass players, and last year introduced 2 very successful sight reading sections.
    This year we will have a new trophy for the aggregate winner of the open slow melody and air varie plus cash prizes.
    It 's not too late to enter.
    Entry forms are available on, email: closing date June 8th.

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    Youngest boy-Jacob Haulund
    Youngest Girl-Bandna Sansoy

    10 and under slow melody:
    1st-Nathan Whitmore, Coventry SA
    2nd-Alexander Bloomfield
    3rd-Scott Nelson

    11 to 14 slow melody:
    1st-Ben Jarvis, Eccleston Brass
    2nd-Bethan Brown, Foresters Brass
    3rd-Harry Lear, Leics Co-op

    15 to 18 slow melody:
    1st-Sean Doughty, City of Coventry
    2nd-James Bullen, Bablake School
    3rd-Sam Howarth, Bilton Silver

    Open slow melody:
    1st-Andrew Bates, JLR Band
    2nd-Neil Brownless, Moulton '77
    3rd-Helen Hollings, City of Coventry

    Duet 14 and under:
    1st-Bethan Brown & Ben Jarvis
    2nd-Charlotte Merry & Alex Hyde
    3rd-Jessica Horton & Charlotte Merry

    Duet 15 and over:
    1st-Louise Edgar & Stephen Lomas
    2nd-Sheila Allen & Lesley Howarth
    3rd-Patricia Woodings & Shiela Dixon

    Quartet 18 and under:
    1st-Bablake School B
    2nd-Bablake School A

    Open Quartet:
    1st-Harambee Brass
    2nd-Coventry Oldies

    Air Varie:
    1st-Stephen Lomas, Leyland
    2nd-Patricia Woodings, Newhall
    3rd-Micah Parsons, JLR Band

    Sight Reading 15 and under:
    1st-Bethan Brown, Foresters Brass
    2nd-Harry Lear, Leics Co-op
    3rd-Matthew Wale, Buddin' Brass

    Sight Reading 16 and over:
    1st-Stephen Lomas, Leyland
    2nd-Sheila Allen, Bilton Silver
    3rd-Neil Brownless, Moulton '77

    Festival Champion:
    Stephen Lomas, Leyland