City of Chester Brass, North West, 2nd Section

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    City of Chester Brass band has big plans and needs your help to achieve them. Rehearsals are under way in preparation for the Rochdale Contest in October with Preston and Blackpool contests coming up in the spring of 2016 followed by the French Open in June 2016 (French Open Champions, Third Division 2014).

    In addition we have a number of engagements booked from September onwards. Although a mixed ability band, we are determined to maintain and improve upon our current status. To this end we invite enquiries from folks who believe they have the motivation and enthusiasm to help achieve our aims.

    We would particularly like to hear from front row cornet and tuba (Eb/BBb) players.

    The bandroom is situated in the centre of Chester within walking distance of the railway station, and a few minutes off the M56. Free parking is available on rehearsal nights (Mondays and Wednesdays). Our bandroom is very handy for anyone coming to study at Chester's university this autumn.

    We are pleased to be working under the infectious enthusiasm of one of the country's youngest contest-winning MDs, Josh Hughes. If you're interested please send a message to Josh ( We look forward to hearing from you.