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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Taffy Euph, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    City of Bristol Percussionist required

    Edit: For current vacancies and contact details, please see most recent posts

    The third Percussionist is needed for Tristan.
    Must have GOSH/fun loving/etc/etc

    Apply :hammer
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  2. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Kit players in the Bristol Area..Expenses paid ...

    Must be some kit players wanting to prove themselves on Tristan for
    the Areas.Plus work with Bristols Premier Band... :hammer
  3. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Kit players in the Bristol Area

    We are looking for a compitent kit player to
    join our Band for a a busy 2004 season....

    We are sorted for the Area...just our summer season... :guiness
  4. T-Horn

    T-Horn Member

    Am I right in thinking your band is the city of bristol brass band?
  5. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member


    Yep correct....

    The one and only ex sunlife old gits band...


    Ps... Good web site ...
  6. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Players in the Bristol Area !

    Are u a tenor/Bass Trom Player ? Then we need to hear from U...

    Must have GSOH to play in this Championship Band...

    Taffy Euph

    City of Bristol
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  7. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    City of Bristol

    Players with GSOH near or in Bristol ?

  8. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    Haven't Thornbury disbanded? Whilst it is a shame that they have had to call it a day perhaps there are some players there that would travel to you.

  9. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member


    Yep, you are right , big shame when any Band has to disband ...

    They had a long history of playing in the area and @ a high level...

    But to ans your question , some have come to City of Bristol,but alas no Trombone players....

    Thanks for your reply..

    Dave Pennell

    City of Bristol
  10. Podgypickle

    Podgypickle Member

    So sad to lose another band in our immediate area :-(
  11. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Another great player in the area retiring too, thats Kev Robbins..

  12. gd lk

    i wud consider comin down but im all the way up here in west yorkshire so its a bit 2 far unfortuneately, i wish u luck in findin a trombone section, its strange coz troms seem 2 b few and far between right now.

    best wishes 2 c.o.b.

    CliVE 2nd trom at lindley
  13. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Players @ Bristol

    We are currently looking for a Principal Euphonium or 1st Baritone. We are a forward looking Band with a full schedule of concerts and contests.

    In the first instance please email or call Dave on 07767 880387. All contacts will be dealt with the upmost confidence.
  14. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    City of Bristol (Champ Sec)

    Bristol's only CHAMPIONSHIP section band has opportunities for a first Class HORN player and a quality CORNET player. We have an exciting program Of concerts and contests planned for the rest of the year and into 2006.

    Contact ...Dave 07767880387
  15. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Cornet player in the Bristol Area !

    Cornet player or Players are invited to Join a Bristol Based band ..

    We have a busy summer program lined up , even a trip to London !!!!

    Dont be shy , you might even enjoy it !!

    Ring 07767880387
  16. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Bristol Uni etc players coming into the area


    The City of Bristol Are always looking to help out music students coming into the Bristol Area... whatever Brass instrument you play , you are welcome to come and have a Blow with us...Must have a good sence of enjoyment to mix with us !

    Ring Dave on 07767880387

    Or visit our site
  17. jim

    jim Member

    hi dave hope all things are going ok? long time no see speek to ah soon
  18. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Hi James ..

    Have lost a few (5) players too a Glouc Band mainly cornets, so try to fill seats with good Players again, should get there , have a good team working for our

    Hows things with P&D ? must be getting busy now !

    Had Barry (trom) down helping us from Cwmaman 4 our concert with the
    Great Western Chorus @ Bristol...He is a cracking player !

    Speak to u soon

  19. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Bristol & Southwest Players

    Bristol`s most forward thinking band is now preparing for the Area and a busy 2006 summer schedule .If you live in the Bristol & Surrounding Area and would like to be a part of and contribute to our continuing development and success please call me now.

    Apply in strickiest confidence to or ring 07767880387
  20. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    Players for the area (West of England)

    City of Bristol Are looking for a Sop and flugel or front row to complete our Band for the Area’s
    Contacts will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    Ring Dave on 07767880387 or Email