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    The City of Birmingham Brass Band, based (unsurprisingly) in Birmingham, is actively looking to complete its line up by filling the following positions:

    *2nd Trombone
    *Bb Bass


    We are a young, vibrant and friendly band on its way up! We are currently in the Midlands Region 3rd Section (narrowly missing the Nationals in Harrogate - we came 4th this year. Aiming to go at least one better next time around) and looking to progress further. A good result in next years areas will see us enter the 2nd Section and we will be aiming for success at the West Midlands Brass Banding Association competition come November - playing a cracking test piece.

    4barsrest had the following praise for us in their 3rd section retrospective:
    "Just missing out on the finals was City of Birmingham, and on this performance a band positively re-emerging after some disappointing results. We had them in with a real shout and it would be justified for them to feel disappointed not to have made it to Harrogate, but for us the tempi employed were the crux of the matter.
    Movements one and three needed to be light, bouncy and to move well, but these were too ponderous for our taste, and clearly for those of Mr Whitham and Mr Hope. In their favour though was their sound and use of dynamics, both of real quality and of a section, or even two, higher than their current standing. The excellent musicality of the second movement undoubtedly gave City of Birmingham their well-deserved fourth place."

    We have an excellent Musical Director, Warren Belshaw, who has really moved the band onwards and upwards since he took over in October last year. The band has the benefit of some superb leadership from within its membership (Auntie Barbara for those who know her...!) and is a registered charity. We have a host of high profile concerts planned for Christmas and are fortunate to get a number of gigs from the City of Birmingham itself, our primary sponsor. We had a very successful recording in the summer - a superb CD was produced and is being cut/pressed/burned as we speak. We have just moved to a new band room at the Winterbourne Botanical Gardens, very close to Birmingham University and are looking forward to a good Christmas and two important contests (WMBBA and the Midlands Areas) to do well in.

    Though we are looking primarily for the positions above, we welcome enquiries from players of other instruments - we have a few extra players and almost always have a packed band room of friendly faces. You can check out our website, although it out of date at present and in need of a few changes, the main one being the player listing and vacancies section! Humble apologies for that, I am sure it will be updated in time - perhaps it could have you details on there!

    Please PM or email me for further details and information, i will be happy to help! :D

    Many thanks for looking, Oli Wilson. :D
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    We are still after an extra Bb Bass and Percussionist - but would also welcome anyone from around the Birmingham area who are looking for a band - we could have a place for a 2nd Trombonist if one was around...

    We already have a few students from the Conservatoire and a few more from the City of Birmingham - so any students interested in playing, then get in touch please... We will soon be rehearing in the Winterbourne Gardens - right near to the main Birmingham Uni campus - just outside of town in Selly Oak.

    We have recorded an excellent CD this summer and have a busy (but not too busy) schedule for the Autumn... Thanks. :)
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    do you have any vacancies for a cornet/flugel player??
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    I have PMed you with the details. Thanks for your interest! :)
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    Vacancies details altered in original post. Thanks for looking :)