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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by michellegarbutt, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. michellegarbutt

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    Sadly I've just recieved a letter from the organisers of the CISWO contest due to be held this Sunday at Vane Tempest. Due to the very late withdrawl of 5 bands the organisers felt it was no longer worth going ahead with this contest so they have cancelled it. They also state in their letter that there will be no future attempts to resurrect this contest.
  2. Lauradoll

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    Yeah we got told this last night at band, we were all gutted after putting in so much work and actually buying the piece! Hopefully we'll play it sometime soom though. Anyone need a baritone player on Sunday???!!!!
  3. bigcol

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    Colin isn't happy about this - our band have put in a lot of effort and employed a Pro for this contest so god knows what the cost to us both financially and morale-wise has been.

    I don't blame the contest organisers either - surely bands who enter contests have some sort of committment to actually attend them?

    I know there's always excuses, sometimes very good ones (illness to key players etc.) but it really is shocking when an area with about 40 contesting bands at the last Nationals contest can only end up with 3-4 bands able to committ to this contest.

    I don't know what the solutions are (large refundable deposits? lax registration rules?) but surely there must be a better way than a weeks notice to cancelled contests.
  4. Headvib

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    Not wishing to 'name and shame' bands, but does anyone know who the organisers are claiming withdrew on very short notice? The reason being, my band withdrew 4 weeks ago (would have been 6 however when phoning the organisers i was told the only person i could speak to regarding the contest was on holiday) due to holidays. Dispite this,apparently we still appeared on the pre draw sent to compeating bands. As far as i was aware when we withdrew there were only 7 compeating bands left. Couldnt the contest still go ahead with the remaining bands? what happens to the prize money? The bands who have spent hours rehersing not to mention money on music/pros/deps must be gutted.

    Andy Holmes
    MD Trimdon Concert Brass
    Cornet Black Dyke
  5. johnmartin

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    It's a shame to see contests cancelled however this is a traditionally bad time of year for bands to get people to turn out.
  6. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    The organisers haven't actually named any names but quoting from the letter "this would have meant 2 bands participating in the 3rd/4th section, 3 in the 1st/2nd section and 2 in the championship" add 5 to this and you get the exact number of bands which appeared on the pre draw. So I would guess that they are including you in the 5 withdrawing at a late stage. I must say I found the whole organisation in this contest very slack. The entry forms were sent out far too soon. Last year none of us had any idea if we would be able to turn a band out in July but entered in the hope we could.. Apart from notification of the actual test piece I then had no communication whatsoever until Friday last week. 2 weeks before the contest I was trying to borrow a horn and percussion player and couldn't even tell them what time of day the contest was. I did ring CISWO several times and like yourself was never able to speak to the person organising the contest. I left my number several times and was promised that they would phone back which they never did. I was finally sent the predraw last Friday and then recieved the letter cancelling the contest saying there was only 7 bands left which you seem to have known 4 weeks ago.
  7. The CISWO contest is also indirectly responible for causing me a lot of personal upset, as well as looking for another band to conduct.

    Last Sunday one of our players insisted on playing as a guest for another band at the contest, even though we have had a job booked since the beginning of the year.

    I resigned as a matter of principle, only to find out two days later that the contest was cancelled.

    How ironic!

    Graham Catherall

  8. Benyboy

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    Why is the contest not going ahead if there are still bands that havent withdrawn? We (Fishburn) have totally re-arranged our Concert schedule to enable us to go to this contest, which is why we didnt go to Easingwold last weekend. Although there would have been only two bands in the Top section (I presume the other was Horden) this would still make it a good contest on a fantastic piece of music. We relish a head on collision with Horden as we wanted to gain our "revenge" (in the nicest possible way) for the area contest. I fear for the North-east area if bands continue to withdraw from such events.

    I therefore believe the prize money should be split between the remaining loyal bands as compensation.

    Chris Bentham - Resident Conductor Fishburn
  9. bigcol

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    Agreed Chris - we were up against one band who have beat us by one point in the last two contests. Even a 2 band section can be fun!
  10. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    We would have certainly been willing to go head to head with you Colin. We had every intention of going even if we were the only band in it. Perhaps we should all get together to contact CISWO and see what can be done. Like most other bands we've rearranged jobs, turned some engagements down and borrowed players all of which has cost us money. I notice the letter I recieved from CISWO didn't even mention refunding entry fees although I have every intention of contacting CISWO about this
  11. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    I spoke to CISWO today. All the bands who did not withdraw will recieve their entry fees back. There is a meeting next week between the contest organiser and the trustees who put the prize money up to discuss possible financial recompense for any band who did not withdraw but obviously they couldn't make any promises that we would recieve anything at all.
  12. bigcol

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