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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by johnmartin, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. johnmartin

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    Well seeing as we're now into November it's about time to get those Carol books out again. Serious question here though. Can anyone give me the titles and arrangers of some good arrangements of Christmas favourites suitable for concert work. Times a gettin short and suppliers take weeks to deliver.
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    Hi John,

    Here are a few of my Christmas pieces:-

    Wright and Round

    A Christmas Confection
    A Christmas Bolero
    Festive Variations on Adeste Fidelis
    A Christmas Fresco
    Anges from the Realms of Glory
    Carol of the Bells
    Last Christmas (WHAM)
    Merry Christmas Darling (Euph Solo)
    Merry Christmas Everyone (Shaking Stevens)

    Studio Music

    Nativity for Brass
    A Christmas Adventure (NEW)
    Once in Royal David's City (NEW)

    If you need any other information please PM or email me, all the above are playable by most bands.

    Merry Christmas!!! :lol:
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    Eh... Lullaby Carols by RW Smith is really mellow and dark.
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    Have a look on:

    All titles are in stock for fast delivery.

  5. MoominDave

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    'Yule Dance' by Philip Harper is a rare example of a themed Christmas piece that isn't dreadfully naff. The less said about his 'Festive Fusion', the better, though...

  6. gerry

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  7. Roger Thorne

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    I think we've had this thread before.

    Here are a few to whet your appetite . . .

    Silent Night
    Calypso Carol
    Christmas Chimes
    Coventry Carol
    Jingle Bells Forever
    Good King Wenceslas - Euph Solo (Air Varie)
    Jingle Bells Swing

    Click on the links below to visit the full catalogue.

  8. Ben Williamson

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    Whilst on christmas music I was just wondering if anyone knew if you could just buy the solo part to Barrie Gott's Trombone Solo Silent Night. as far as i know you have get the complete score.

    Ben x
  9. Brian Bowen

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    I've noticed a number of folks advertise their own music here, so here's a list of some of my published Christmas compositions and arrangements for band + publishers:

    Christmas comes but once a year (SP&S G.S. 1706)
    I Saw Three Ships (SP&S F.S. 361)
    Jesus, good above all other (SP&S G.S. 1739)
    Gabriel's Message (SA Eastern Territory, USA)
    Greenwood Berries (San Day Carol) (SA Eastern Territory, USA)
    Suite for the Birthday of Prince Charles - Mov. 3 Angelus ad Virginem - Tippett arr. BB (Rosehill)
  10. Dave Payn

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    Of the above, I do know and can thoroughly recommend the Festive Variations on Adeste Fideles (that was a tenner for that agreed plug wasn't it, Darrol? :)

    Others, I personally like: (No disrespect to other festive music mentioned on here thus far, most of which I've not seen)

    Four Dances from the Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky arr. Philip Sparke - Studio Music)
    Troika (Prokofieff arr. D. Twitchings. Faithful to the original with all the 'dischords'! - Music for Brass)
    Gaudete (arr. Rodney Newton - Wright and Round. Best to have four timps or someone who's b*oody good at pedalling with two or three!)
    Christmas Fantasy (Gordon Langford - Chandos Music. With optional choir, but I believe the choir parts are hire only)
    As well as the traditional carols, the SPS 'Christmas Praise' red book contains very good arrangements of some of the more 'poppy' or 'easy listening' Christmas numbers (though you may know this already!)
  11. Straightmute

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    And from Dragon Music Publishing you could sample two Christmas selections:

    A Celtic Christmas
    A Yorkshire Wassail

    or two other arrangements:

    Sans Day Carol (oh the holly bears a berry ... )
    Christmas is Coming


  12. Dave Payn

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    'Yule' love this.... not a lot.....

    In fact, though they aren't published (yet) I have done my own last verse harmonisations and descants to the following carols:

    O Come All Ye Faithful
    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
    Once In Royal David's City

    Playable by bands with or without choir and/or organ. In the 'proper' keys (G major concert) as well as the more brass band friendly Ab major) Versions also for brass quintet.

    As they're 'experimental', (alternative description for 'my first attempts at last verse harmonisation'!) I'll probably see if I can put 'em on the Sibelius site in the very near future so you can judge for yourselves.

  13. Brian Kelly

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    As you might expect, the Salvation Army has more Christmas music than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means).

    Mention has been made of "Chrismas Praise", which is the SA carol book.

    The SA also publish a green book of favourite SA Christmas music, consisting of extended carol arrangements and settings (not for congregational use), marches, solos, medleys, etc., arranged and written by composers such as Eric Ball, Peter Graham, Robert Redhead, Ray Bowes, Ray Steadman - Allen, Barrie Gott, Erik Leidzen, etc.

    Maybe our friends at "World of Brass" can give more information?
  14. Active Member

    Christmas music

    Certainly can, Brian. Thanks for the lead in!
    I'm having to make this posting at home as our computer department have blocked me from using tMP at work (again!). This time the reason is that it has 'Adult content' and that is not allowed on the Salvation Army network.
    Anyway, I'm happy to provide information although it probably won't be as comprehensive as it would be if I had my work information to hand.

    Christmas Praise (light green book) was superseded a few years ago by New Christmas Praise. This is probably the most comprehensive Christmas 'tune book' available and contains 115 Christmas carols and tunes. It comes in individual parts books for all brass band and wind band instruments, each book costing £4.99. There are also piano/words books and words only books.
    Here's the link;

    The green Christmas Marches and Settings book is for brass band instrumentation only. Each part book costs £3.50 and a full score is £35.00.
    This book contains 32 marches and arrangements from our Triumph and General Series by such composers as Eric Ball, Peter Graham, Leslie Condon, Robert Redhead and Ray Steadman-Allen and IMHO represents great value for money.
    The website needs updating for this publication so I won't provide a link for the time being.

    Next are band sets and full scores from our Festival Series. These are £24.95 a set and include titles like Overture - The Proclamation of Christmas (Stephen Bulla), Selection - The Message of Christmas (William Himes), Selection - The Festive Season (Morley Calvert), Carol Arrangement - I Saw Three Ships (Brian Bowen) and Carol Arrangement - Jingle Bells (Norman Bearcroft).
    We don't have these on the website but they can be ordered via email, private message or telephone.

    Finally, from Kantara Music, comes Silent Night and What Child is This (Greensleeves) both by Kenneth Downie.
    Both of the Downie pieces are available from our website at £17.95 each.
    Here are the links;

    I hope this helps.
    If anyone requires help or further information, please send me an email or private message.
  15. Brian Kelly

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    Before anyone asks, I am not on commission! :D
  16. Accidental

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    Mark Freeh's arrangement of White Christmas is gorgeous - really lush harmonies. I'm sure there's a link to his publisher on tmp somewhere...
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    What about Santaclaustraphobia and Yuletidings and Frosty the Snowman (tuba solo)????
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    Frosty - a Tuba solo?? Sacrilege :!: :!:
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    not even sure that's strong enough!
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