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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by johnmartin, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Yes, its that time of year again. We did our first carolling job last night (in October?) and I enjoyed it very much. Starting to get together ideas for this years Christmas concert. As well as the usual old stagers I'm looking for something a bit different. Can anyone recommend anything. I've got a couple that I'd like to find.

    Russian Christmas Music - anyone played it?

    Polar Express - My sons favourite Christmas movie so want to try and find it. Are there any good arrangements?
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    I would check with your conductor first to see if he has any ideas! :biggrin::biggrin:

    Polar Express: I think that there is an arrangement of "Believe". Have always wanted to do soemthing surrounding the main theme but have never got round to it.

    russian Christmas Music is good. Brighouse finished with that at BiC 2006 and it is a good number, but folk don't associate it with Christmas other than by the title.

    Stephen Bulla's "The Proclamation of Christmas" is good. Published by SP&S.
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    Our lot had a gig last night too....... can I just ask what is that about? I'm not that old but I remember when Christmas was barely mentioned before my birthday (at the end of november). :eek:
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    A quick search on found this
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  6. johnmartin

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    Quite, but I was hoping to be pro-active and present a few ideas to him. :) :)

    We have two months to work up a programme and I would quite like to try something a bit different this year.
  7. KMJ Recordings

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    We recorded a couple of Andy Baker / Anno Draconis things with his band last year - there's an arrangement of Coventry Carol (Jagrins) and another of the theme from BBC's The Box of Delights (think it's Pennine but I'm not sure) - both can be really effective IMO but they're not easy to pull off....
  8. Crazysop

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    Ill second that Keith, two fab ones for any xmas programme.
  9. smaca

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    Oh The Christmas Blue Bells are Blue.
  10. Kjata

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    The lovatt cooper christmas piece is on for us!!!!
    Out of interest anyone know a Christmas sop solo???

    Ps sorry for highjacking your thread!! ;)
  11. smaca

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    "A Christmas On With The Motley"?

    Being serious with that suggestion------------I once played for a condcutor who would of course include traditional Christmas music in his programme(Jingle Bells etc etc)so audience could identify and join in, but would also include many items band enjoyed playing and that audience would like----eg, Many Goff Richards pieces like Pastorale, Shepherds Song, Country Scene, Songs of the Quay-----on programme and when he introduced items he would call them A Christmas Pastorale,Christmas Shepherds Song etc etc.

    The audience were usually non-brass band folks so did not know favourites the band enjoyed were being hijacked for Christmas music. Usually it was a win/win for band and audience, as band enjoyed playing it, audience enjoyed listening.

    So "Christmas Silver Threads Among The Gold" for you then?;)


    Some of the Christmas arrangements are so complicated and clever its lost on the band and the audience, resulting in a flat concert.
  12. smaca

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    John, there is one more new one out that I am sure you will like;

    "Follow, Follow, We Will Follow Santa."

    Honestly, Its Simply The Best that one.:clap:
  13. FlugelD

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    Until hypothermia sets in, and he ends up with a blue nose.... :eek: :wink:

    PS Polar Express - sure we played the theme either last year or the year before, but can't remember the arranger...
  14. Nigel Hall

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    OK - as we are going down the shameless plugs route..... Try my arrangement called "In The Christmas Mood" - a medley of well known tunes including Let It Snow, A Holly Jolly Christmas and Rudolph to name but three - each tune is linked by a snippet of In The Mood. The arrangement is available from Bernaerts Music.

    That's my shameless plug over with!! Happy Christmas!
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    Recently heard of an MD who put 'March To The Scaffold' on the Xmas concert programme.
    .....perhaps not!
  16. Andrew Norman

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  17. Cornet_Matt

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    How about 'The Spirit of Christmas' by Peter Graham, based on The Sussex Carol.
    It's enjoyable for both band and audience.
  18. Bass Trumpet

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    There are two that my recently-old band recorded for the De Haske catalogue:

    Whence is that Goodly Fragrance Flowing (French trad. arranged by Philip Sparke)


    What Sweeter Music (John Rutter arr. Doug Yeo)

    They are both reasonably straightforward and are lovely concert items for Christmas.

    Can I do a shameless plug too?
    If you have a look at the most recent De Haske catalogue, you'll come across my most recent arrangement.....
    Plug over!
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  20. Roger Thorne

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    Have a look at the following . . . . .

    Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)

    The Fairytale of New York

    Stille Nacht (Duet)

    Good King Wenceslas (Euphonium Air Varie)

    Click on the link below for more titles :tup